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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dennis_mv, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I've been wanting to get H3DII, but recently saw a good price for H1 body.
    Question to anyone who has had experience with both -- concerning picture quality only, is there a significant difference?
    i.e. if final photo quality has virtually no difference, I will probably go with H1.
  2. I had the H1 for quie awhile and while I can't compare it to the H3DII I can tell you it is simply wonderful on every single level for 120.
    Now, IF you decide to go with a digi back for the H1 this is what I found out and Did. Hasselblad (Ixpress) released the V96C for the 500x bodies and then the 96c for the H1 et. al. The 96c was about 3 thousand $ more expensive. IT'S the same exact back with the V96c having black tape over the adapter holes.
    To make the V96C work with the H1 all you have to do is purchase a 132 Adapter plate, put it on the digi back and get a Fuji69II sync cord. Works like a champ and you can use the back for your H1 and 500x if you had one. I was actually a bit po'ed at hassey for selling the same back for so much more money.
    Both the H1 film and the V96C worked perfectly and the results from the glass to the finder to the print were amazing.
    Why did I sell it? Still liked my V500 C/M better for both film and digi.
    Good Luck.
  3. I have used both (and I currently own both).
    You can email me off-line if you have specific questions: derek@jecxz.com
    Kind regards,
    Derek Jecxz

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