GWB in the fog

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  1. One of my many muses over the years, I've photographed her many times from many different angles (Even on top of the tower!) This was taken a while back. To me, the Golden Gate Bridge is the world's most beautiful, am I wrong? _DSC0051.jpg
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  2. Hmmm! Before I go into critique mode, why are you talking about the GG when the pic is of the GW?
  3. I tried to edit after but it wouldn’t let me! Lol what I should have wrote was, “although I love the GWB, I think the GG is the worlds most beautiful, don’t you agree?”
  4. I guess before I decide, I'd have to know which one's a boy and which one's a girl. :rolleyes:
  5. Both of course!
  6. Sorry, but I like GG better, with or without the fog.:) In regards this image, I think it would be improved with a slight perspective correction in the vertical. I find the not-vertical vertical lines off-putting, at least in this instance. For some reason the fog seems to exacerbate this impression, at least for me.
  7. Thank you, I couldn’t put my finger on it! I’ll try and fix that. Thank you
  8. Ok! Aside from the non-vertical verticals noted by Dave, the pic falls into what I'd call the classic bridge + fog category. The off center positioning of the NY tower. The fog covering the top and gradually fading down to the roadway. The diagonal line of said roadway leading the eye across to the Jersey side. The barely visible tower at that end and the fog itself coming down lower at that end than the near end (I know! That's the way fog works. Doesn't make it a bad picture). Classic bridge + fog.!

    As for the GG being the worlds most beautiful. That depends on your point of view!
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  9. Nothing to add to the critique, but speaking from the other side of the pond, where exactly is the GWB please?
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  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    It's in New York City.

    Hmm... I bought the bridge
    late last year...
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  11. George Washington Bridge in New York City connecting Manhattan with Fort Lee, New Jersey across the Hudson River
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  12. Since I'm a west-of-the-Rockies guy, that's my point of view.:rolleyes: Nothing against your Eastern bridges...
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  13. Doesn't make you a bad person!
  14. Thank you, I guess... Maybe we should start a thread where Westerners tell jokes about Easterners, and vice-versa?;) My favorite is about the two ladies from Massachusetts who thought they could get from Salt Lake City to San Francisco in about 4 hours by driving west on I-80, since it was only "two states away". My daughter tried to disabuse them of their assumption, but they weren't having any of it from a 17-year-old waitress (who's now the doctoral candidate in engineering). I would have paid good money to see their faces come noon the next day, somewhere out in the middle of Nevada.:p They likely wouldn't believe the sign that says "no services next 150 miles" either.
  15. Well I think that the Carbondale Polyspheroid Water Tower is pretty swell.

    On the joke front, when two Boston ladies went to California, someone asked how they went. Their answer "by way of 'Wooster'"

    If you really wanted a critique, you opened "poorly" :rolleyes:
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  16. Studying the image further, it occurs to me I might have tried using a neutral density filter to stretch out the exposure duration sufficient to remove the moving vehicles. I know it's a little weird, perhaps, but I'd like to see this image sans distractions from the essence of the bridge itself. This is not a critique, necessarily, more a curiosity of how this approach might change one's perception of the bridge as subject.
  17. Never underestimate the power of engineering to create aesthetically pleasing objects. Sometimes one takes what one can get.
  18. As far as which one I like better, I don't. I'm originally a New Yorker who's lived in San Francisco for 45 years, so I love 'em both, just like the Mets and the Giants!

    Anyway, comparing them is a little bit of apples and oranges since their designs and settings are so vastly different. Try picturing the Washington Bridge going from San Francisco to Marin and the Golden Gate Bridge going from NY to NJ. You'll see how each is designed so well for the surrounding environment and the very different overall architectural feels of NYC and SF.

    As to the photo itself, sorry, but I'm finding it somewhat lifeless.
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  19. Jonathan, after looking at your portfolio I had a further thought. Many (not all!) of your posted images exhibit a fairly "static" balance. This one, by contrast, is a much more dynamic composition, though the negative space on the right side feels a bit overstated. Have you experimented with various crops? I believe there's a more powerful composition hiding here.
  20. With Jonathan's permission I played a little bit with his image in LR5. Here's what came out of my experiment:
    GeoWashBridge by jc1305us-210217-3.jpg
    This has been perspective corrected in the vertical (-27), rotated slightly (-0.6), adjusted for distortion (+7), cropped to 1x1, overall contrast increased (+13), and with a -28 clarity. This is by no means the only or even best version of this image, but I think it starts to demonstrate its potential.
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