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  1. My wedding i next year , and i already got my wedding dress ,but i have change my mind after saw a wedding dress on internet , and the reviews on this site looks the very good. The more important is the dress model i loved is a very low back gown, but i love it very much. The questions is should i buy it and sell the first one
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    Posting those images contravenes this site's Terms of Use and User Guidelines.
    You can only post photos that you made yourself. You may post a link to an image.
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    To answer the question you posed from a Photography point of view:
    Both the Wedding Gowns that you posted images of would be easily photographed by any competent Wedding Photographer - but that is the job of the Wedding Photographer whatever Wedding Gown that you choose.
    Some Wedding Gowns will be better photographically suited to different body types and if that is what you are asking about, then you might choose to start a new thread and provide the necessary details for respondents to address that type of question.
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