Guilfoyle Report, worth it?

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  1. When the rates for Guilfoyle Report were increased awhile ago, I let
    my subscription lapse. I know this was part of their intention, to
    reduce the number of subscribers. I would be interested in the
    opinions of continuing subscribers, are you getting your moneys
  2. I personally had the GR for 1 yr and was not pleased with it enough to
    warrant subscribing again. Photographers Market was and still is one
    of the most useful tools in the business for folks who aspire to get
    published. While maybe not as descriptive as GF, PM covers more bases,
    enough to get your foot in the door with the editors to find out what
    they need.
  3. I subscribed a few years ago and found it to educational in that it
    became quite obvious that I was not able to provide the kinds of
    images that were in great demand - the extreme, the exotic and the
    specialized. If you are interested in finding out what kinds of
    images you should be doing to satisfy these demands or if you have
    far out-of-the-ordinary images, it is a worthwhile investment.


  4. I've sold enough through it to pay for my subscription, that's about
    it. It is educational, as Frank mentioned.


    I've developed a slightly different spin than Frank has on what the
    newsletter shows, though. Rather than "the stuff that sells, the
    exotic etc." what shows up there seems to be what editors can't get
    from their normal menagerie of shooters. The photo editors of two
    national magazines I've published in e-mail me (and others) regularly
    with upcoming wants, for instance, and I don't see these requests in
    the Guilfoyle Report - they're filled right away by shooters the
    editor already knows and has confidence in. A lot of mundane stuff
    gets sold, you just need to be in position to sell it, and the GR
    won't help much there.


    So ... most of the time you see really weird, specialized stuff. Also
    , at least have of the requests are for travel, not nature,
    photography. What I've learned from this is that when I'm at a marina
    shooting wintering loons or grebes, my chances of having something
    available to sell to someone increases if I remember to take a few
    shots of the marina itself!


    The newsletter does do a good job of tracking personal changes at
    major magazines, agencies, etc and has frequent editorial pieces on
    the state of the marketplace, trends, etc.


    My current plan is to subscribe one more year, in order to help me
    continue to learn more about what's going on. Reading it's an
    independent study course as much as anything :)
  5. Would you please describe what the Guilfoyle Report is? It sounds somewhat interesting and I have never heard of it. Thanks!
  6. Go to their home page for information on the report and other publications and services offered by the same folks.
  7. I subscribed to the Guilfoyle Report from 1982 till 1997. I believe
    it was around $40 and didn't get out of hand until recent years. Back
    then it was one of the few sources for the type of information now
    available from sources such as this forum. Reviews on equipment
    catering to nature and wildlife photographers as well as articles on
    submission guidelines were excellent. Also good were the interviews
    with editors of many of the premier magazines. I did find that the
    "wants" were for the most so specific that it was almost comical at
    times; things that they could not find from their regulars on their
    want lists or stock agencies. As others stated befor it did give you
    an idea of what is weak at the agencies etc. I do feel that I learned
    a lot from my time with them and that it is a good publication but
    also that the subscription price has gotten a bit out of hand. Too
  8. I have subscribed to the Guilfoyle Report for a number of years. It is
    expensive ($275) now, but where else can you get that kind of
    information? You do need to have a fair amount of stock to make it pay
    for itself. But it only takes 1 to 2 sale per year to do that. I have
    more than payed for it each year. It has given me access to markets
    that I may not have found otherwise. It does have a number of specific
    requests but if you have what they are looking for your chances for a
    sale are quite good. It has also helped me learn what the markets are
    looking for. I would definately recommend it.
  9. I also was one to recently let my subscription to GR lapse. I believe I'd been subscribing since the early to mid 80's. I originally subscribed to get some insight on what people were looking for, avenues for sales, other related info etc....

    I couldn't justify the last increase even though I was one of the original group of e-mail subscribers (and appreciated that format). I've only worked in nature photography on the side and am primarily a landscapist. The higher price of staying on line bumped me, and as others have eluded to, this was certainly part of the intent.

    I will miss certain features...always enjoyed John Shaw's equipment column.

    Good forum, just found it.

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