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  1. Hi,
    I'm shooting interior retail space and will be using a Canon 17-40 L USM on a Canon 5D Mark II.
    I wanted to ask a few basic questions. I'm using a 580 EXII speedlite as a slave bouncing off ceiling/wall:
    I usually shoot 640 ISO for interiors - should I be shooting slower speed?
    I'm currently shooting ETTL (not manual) at f8/f11 - dont want more depth of field than that.
    Am shooting the interior space by placing camera on a tripod at navel height (I'm 5'10" tall). Is it worth trying other angles - such as climbing on a stool for a top down view or ground level shots?
  2. You will usually want to keep vertical lines vertical, so without a tilt-shift lens, you should keep the camera level (up/down as well as right/left). Then, the camera height is a compromise between the height that gives the best coverage while keeping the camera level and the most pleasing viewpoint. The most pleasing viewpoint might be eye-level for an average person.
    Depending on the content of the room, you may need a very high viewpoint to get everything in the picture that the customer wants in the picture. Then you may need to compromise on the vertical lines, or fix them in post.
    Shooting with only one flash can be problematic if the room has any depth to it. The light fall-off will make it difficult to light the room evenly. You might consider using primarily ambient and use the flash to fill-in any darker areas.
    For the ISO, on a tripod, go lower unless you need to be at 640 because the flash doesn't have enough power.
  3. second everything Mathew says. Do both available and flash fill and see which one you like the best. Remember to change color temp to match available light source. Shoot at 100 iso for best quality. Nothing is moving so 1 or 2 second shutter speed will not matter.

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