Guidelines for Canon EOS forum Thursday Image Threads

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  1. Thanks to Jose Angel's original idea in the Nikon forum, people have really had a lot of fun with the weekly image threads.
    To eliminate confusion, here are the guidelines for the Canon EOS forum Thursday image threads:
    1. Images must have been created with Canon EOS bodies or lenses. Please note the importance of the word "or" in the previous sentence. FD lenses on an EOS digital body would qualify as would an EOS lens on a Leica rangefinder (if someone did that sort of thing for some reason).
    2. Each member should post no more than one image per week. Double/multiple exposure, panorama images stitched together, HDR or stack-focus images merged together from multiple captures such that there is no visible border between images is still considered one image. However, please do not post image collages that are combined from several images with visible borders within the frame such as the example below. We consider these four images:
    3. Recent images are strongly encouraged, but there is no requirement that the images be from the current (or previous) week. We want to allow film photographers the chance to develop, process and scan without feeling like they cannot contribute. However, the idea isn't to just pull a photo from your archives just to have something to post. The idea is to share the kind of images you have recently been shooting with the EOS forum community. But there is no hard rule on this and nobody will be running around calling "shenanigans" on you if you are posting an image from 2 years ago.
    4. The new thread will be posted on Thursday morning by the designated "thread starter". Please do NOT post a "Thursday thread" if you are not that designated starter, it will be deleted. Also, please keep in mind that "morning" to the thread starter might be 10pm for you. Please be patient and recognize that has a worldwide community.
    5. Please upload JPEG images only
    6. Do NOT upload giant images. These threads are taxing enough for people on slow connections. 700 pix on the long side is plenty big enough for forum display.
    7. takes image copyright seriously. Any image you post must have been captured by you, not by your spouse, partner, friend, or anybody else. For example, images of you with your children captured by your spouse are not appropriate.
    8. Our forum is viewed all over the world by people with different cultures and backgrounds. Please only post images of good taste and suitable for viewing by children and in the office. For example, images similar to those typically in swimsuit issues and underwear catalogs are probably not a good idea.
    9. If you make a mistake, such as your image does not attach, it is best to post again with all the information and caption. It is much easier for the moderators to just delete the earlier wrong post. It is more work for us to transfer your text from the earlier post to the later, correct one, especially when we need to do that over and over for many members.
    10. You can find's Community Guidelines here: Generally suggests that attached images should be no more than 100K bytes. We allow 300K for the Wednesday threads due to popular demand.
    11. Most importantly, as Jose says, join the threads and have fun.
    Shun's comment below posted on the Nikon version of these rules is worth noting here:
    Since Jose started these threads in 2008, I think I have received one complaint because of an image showing a woman who dresses provocatively. Occasionally there are some images that are like 500K bytes and there are a couple of: This is an image of my granddaughter captured by my son (not captured by the poster). I typically send a reminder about the guidelines via e-mail. Thanks to everybody’s cooperation, I don’t think I have deleted even one image because the content is not appropriate. Let’s keep things that way. -Shun​
    Further questions? Contact the "thread starter" or use the "contact" link at the bottom of the page.

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