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  1. Hi there, it's been years since the last time on this forum, enjoyed reading and posting between year 1998 and 2004. Unfortunately I have no idea what my old forum user was or any credentials to my account so I opened a new one. I'm not even sure if the site keeps the old database records anymore.

    Lots of things have changed since I started, both in the photography industry (leaving film and prints behind) and also the amount of people working in the field. Personally changed as well choosing some specific areas of work inside the photography universe.

    Kinda miss how the old website used to work, rudimentary but faster, nothing bad, just the hit of old memories here. Will be browsing and posting some here and then.
  2. even more ironical third repost -- I have to say it's been a long time since that has happened to me.o_O
  3. ironical inadvertent double post. :oops:
  4. Welcome anyhow. the only one that didn't make it was the original:oops:
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  5. William Michael

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    Welcome back.
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