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Discussion in 'Minox' started by philippe__, Feb 13, 2000.

  1. Hi every one,


    Can someone tell me what are the differences between the new GTE and the old GTE? It seems that the cosmetic have changed (the red
    GTE is removed for example), but what about the other specifications?


    Philippe POINCOT.
  2. En dehors des diffirences esthitiques (bontier gris, attributs noirs),
    le GT-E "new" apporte le systhme de la ligne verte. Des rephres verts
    sur les bagues tant fixes que mobiles de diaph et de MAP permettent,
    une fois alignis, de caler l'appareil sur le diaph et l'hyperfocale
    convenant ` la majoriti des sujets (f:8, 2-20 m).


    Apart from cosmetic differences (grey body, black buttons), the "new"
    GT-E gives the green line system. Consisting of green marks on the
    diaphragm, focusing and static rings, this system pre-sets the Minox
    to the diaphragm and the distance which are convenient for the major
    subjects (f:8, 2-20 m).

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