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  1. I have just got this camera this given to me by a friend, this morning with 100MM, 50MM lens, 2 6X7 backs, hand grip and a cable wire release, the camera in perfect new condition and never been used.
    How good this camera and does it worth being used for landscape ?
  2. You are fortunate to have such nice friends. It's an excellent camera. Buy some film and try it out.
  3. Very outstanding machine, you are lucky indeed. Those are two great lenses too. Are the backs 120 or 220?
  4. It should make a great landscape camera. You will need a good tripod, capable of dealing with the camera to get the capabilities from it. I have an aquaintance with one and he has shown some outstanding results with it. If you're not familiar with medium format, be patient and methodical as it's a different sort of machine if your familiarity is with digital or 35mm. Have fun, make or get some large prints made to truly appreciate it! Also, you can get by with faster films than you might first assume with very little evidence of grain/tonality issues because of the format. This can help with depth of field and shutter speed issues, too (the optics tend to like ƒ8 and beyond).
  5. It's garbage. Send it to me and I'll dispose of it properly. :)
    6x7 is a fine landscape format, and the camera and lenses are top rate. Given the price, I'm surprised you're even asking! :)
    User's guide at
  6. Jamal: Aside from Greg's kind suggestion to send it to him for disposal, I'd second everything that's been said thus far. I've been using a GS-1 system for about 12 years now (two bodies, lenses from 50mm to 200mm, four backs, two extension tubes, and even the dedicated flash) and have been completely satisfied with it. It's sturdy, with great optics and great metering. I chose it over the Mamiya alternatives because it's lighter and smaller. The only advantages the Mamiya has are built-in bellows, revolving back, and more used gear out there on the market. You will love the GS-1. Enjoy!

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