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  1. Greetings! Although new to this forum, I have been an amateur photographer for over 30 years. The birth of our first child and being stationed in Alaska were two good reasons to pick up the hobby. I started out with a 35mm Nikon 8008s. Great camera, and I had it out shooting even at 20 below (F). I went digital while we were in Europe (2000-2003) and mostly used easy-to-carry cameras out of necessity.

    A couple of years ago, I got a Nikon D7200 for myself and D3100 for my wife. As much as I liked the D7200, it was too heavy for my shoulder and arm after two surgeries. I found myself using the D3100 (and our Coolpix L830) most of the time, so I just sold the D7200. I think the D3100 will do 95% of what I want it to, and it's much easier to carry.

    I retired in 2005 after 20 years in the US Air Force. The first 16 years, I was a pianist in the Air Force Bands (hence the "pianoman West Virginia" name). Because of hearing loss, I cross-trained and finished the last 4 years as a paralegal and Law Office Manager. Now, I am the church organist/pianist in the university town where I met my wife 35 years ago. Life has come full circle.

    I have another hobby - our family website. Please check out the Family, Motorcycles, and Travel/Europe pages. My 50 favorite photos from Alaska are posted here:

    Unfortunately, many of our Europe photos were taken on a first-generation "affordable" digital with pretty low resolution. And all of my Alaska slides and negatives were scanned on an Epson V500.

    I am looking forward to exploring this forum and learning more about photography. At some point, I may even be able to share some little tidbits of wisdom I picked up along the way.

    Thanks for letting me join in.

  2. Welcome to I'll have to get back to your portfolio again. Great photos!
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  3. William Michael

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    Hello and welcome.

    I have been viewing your contributions in No Words. I traveled around a relatively large area of Alaska in 2018 and had a wow of a time. Also I have a particular interest in WWII, so your old images related to that war are of interest to me, no matter the technical quality.

    Enjoy your membership here and have fun.

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  4. William Michael

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    Well... it seems that you're having fun, if your involvement in the No Words Forum is an indication of having fun - your contributions are both prolific and interesting.


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  5. Thank you. I've been enjoying looking through the No Words thread in particular, and am starting to explore other areas of the forum. Glad I found it.
  6. Welcome Michael. I wish you many years with us enjoying your experience.
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