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  1. I've been taking pictures for about 6 months and am completely obsessed. I love capturing casual moments, children, and pets. Posed studio work doesn't interest me though I certainly admire other's work. My website is dedicated to the sister I lost last summer, way before her time:
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    Hello Jessica.
    Welcome to PN and good luck. Very sorry to know about your sister, may God give strength to all related.
    From Karachi, Pakistan.
  3. Hi Jessica...... sorry for your loss. Welcome to PN. You will find this an amazing site with hundreds of knowledgeable photographers from whom to learn. If you wish to progress your photography I would urge you to subscribe as a member and post your images here, requesting critiques but asking questions to which you will receive answers. As with life, you will get out what you put in..... PN is the same. I look forward to your images and contributions.
    Best regards
  4. Hi, Jessica. Sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is always hard, more so when it's unexpected. You can take some comfort in the fact that your website and images do a fine job of honoring her.
    That makes three of us (at least) in Tennessee - John Gaylon is somewhere down in the Chattanooga area, and I'm in Crossville. Welcome to PN!
  5. Welcome Jessica, and keep posting about your photography! Our trips to visit relatives in Tennessee allow us opportunities for much variety in our photo taking.
  6. Welcome to PN, Jessica. Grayham is absolutely correct in his advice. And my condolences for your great loss.

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