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  1. Hello! Not sure I’m in the right place, but thought I’d check things out. I got the bug shortly after my 16th birthday in 1982 (save the math, I’m 54 since September 2020). I took a photography class at the local junior college, and ended up getting some pleasant photos over the years.
    I lost interest in photography in the mid ’90’s and bought a point-and-shoot film camera. In 2003 I succumbed to the digital movement, which evolved over the years to relying solely on the smart phone as a camera. Then, last year around my birthday, I got nostalgic for film.
    I had considered getting back into familiar gear, but feared the cost. So I ended up scratching the itch with some old folding camera gems (35mm Kodak Retinas, medium format Voigtlander Perkeos, and a Bessa).
    Now I find myself wondering how much time and money I want to invest, and whether or not I really want to return to film now that digital is so good.
    Film is just... different. You get me, right?
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    Hello and welcome.

    Scratching a nostalgia itch comes at a cost (money): that's not the point though - the salient point is, assessing from where you get pleasure and joy. Folding cameras could exist harmoniously with your smart phone, even if they are only mantel piece displays (i.e. collection pieces).

    But if they are not providing some "buzz" then they are simply dust collectors.

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  3. There are PN members who feel that digital photos are somehow less authentic than those shot with film. I caught the digital bug quite a while ago, but lately I've got the bug to take my Canon AE1 out of mothballs. For whatever it's worth, a photo is a photo, regardless of the type of camera used to take it

  4. Welcome to!

    I once spent a summer in the Sacramento area, not altogether a positive experience, though.

    local highway construction crew decided that the archaeologists were taking too long....
    near Sacramento
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