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  1. I'm a first-year Imaging and Photographic Technology major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've been an avid photographer for several years, but am finally beginning to get a strong formal education in photography. While my major does look at photography as an art, we also focus a lot on the more technical aspects, including optics, high-speed imaging, color management, schlieren imaging, radiometry, and countless other subjects. I'm excited to get going, but for now have been focusing on improving my own creative work.
    My primary focus is, at least currently, on studio work. I've been expanding my knowledge of film processes, including a rigorous class on 4x5 and 8x10 view camera technique this term.
    I'm excited to finally be a member of these forums, as I've relied on them heavily for several years now for information. Time to start giving back!
  2. Good luck in your career! Many of us wish we could go back in time and do what you are doing! Stick with it and enjoy what you are doing. You can only get better at it.
  3. Going back to school is always a worthy venture. Good for you and welcome to!

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