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  1. Hello!
    I'm an amateur photographer who is getting back into the art and craft of photography after a long absence. I started out young, with an Agfa Rapid snapshot camera that my Grandmother bought for me. Later, I inherited my Dad's Agfa Silette Pronto when he bought a Minolta SRT-101. Through High School (a long time ago...), I took photography classes, participating (along with the class) in a town art exhibition, and even having my photo printed in the local paper!
    For a while after that, there wasn't much photography, except on trips and the like. I had a Yaschica rangefinder, and eventually bought my own Minolta, a new XG-M. I entered the digital age with a refurbished Apple QuickTake 150, but didn't really get going with it until I bought 2MP Olympus. The Olympus, and a borrowed Minolta went with me to Sweden in 2001, the last trip I took a film camera on!
    Since then, I've bought two more digicams (4 & 5MP). My photograph production has soared, but the "disposable" nature and "no cost" factor of using the digitals hasn't done anything wonderful to the quality! I try - sometimes - but no matter what, it isn't satisfying.
    In recent days (literally!) I pulled my old Minoltas from the closet, and put the X-570 back to work (after pulling a 6-year-old roll of Kodak MAX 400 from it...I wonder what's on it?). I have to say, the feeling is so much more satisfying, using the old SLR. I feel so much more in control of the photo than I do with the little digital camera.
    So, I'm going to start carting around the Minolta with me to some things, and use a more critical eye towards the photographic process. I still plan to use the digital (An Olympus C-5050 Zoom, which is rather Ok, having fill manual controls - once you get to them...) for the "quantity over quality" images. But I see a Canon EOS 50D in my future, too.
    Anyway, I've rambled on a bit, so I'm enjoying all the interesting threads here, and looking forward to participating down the line.
  2. hi larry
    this is a great website and forum
  3. Hello, and welcome to, Larry!
  4. Hello Larry, nice to meet you. I am Amy from China.
  5. Hello and welcome to this forum.
    This site is a great tool for personal expression.
    Have fun!

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