Great shot of father saving son from baseball bat at pro exhibition game

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    The reflexes of the photographer were also excellent.
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  2. I had seen the one photo on the evening news. It is good to see the sequence.
  3. Nice shots !!!
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  4. Wow! Awesome shots and what a great save by the dad. I wish the kid didn't have a cell phone there though :( - Just enjoy the game bud.
  5. Well, that's certainly a nicer outcome than something I witnessed from the dugout while working for a minor league team (the Jackson Mets, AA) back in 1988. In the bottom of the first inning, our right fielder--who batted left-handed--was at the plate, and fans were still making their way in and finding their seats.

    Our hitter drilled a liner into the seats along the third-base side. One dad and his son, who appeared to be about age 10, were standing up as they'd apparently just found a spot where they were preparing to sit, and the ball appeared to be heading right for pop's groin area. Instead of shielding his son, he grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him over into the path of the ball--the poor kid took the hit right in the chest.

    The players were just dumbfounded that the dad had put his kid right into the line of fire like that. The club's front office staff hustled up to make sure he was going to be okay, and I think they gave 'em some free tickets to later games to ease the pain; the players and I would have preferred to give the father a "Worst Dad of the Year" certificate instead!
  6. wow!
    from article, "Huff added that it is important for fans to be aware of what's happening on the field and avoid distractions such as cellphones."
    dad, get the kid off the darn phone!!
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  7. I used that pix to show the yearbook kids/photographers, that they have to pay attention when shooting games.
    Or it could be them, that the ambulance takes to the hospital.

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