Great Plains - Hardly a Tree to Spoil the View

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  1. KS-Kanopolis-1961-Horsethief-Canyon-ed-cc.jpg
    Perutz Film (color restored) 1961
    Horsethief Canyon
    Ellsworth Co., KS​
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  2. I'm a coast and mountain kind of guy. I spent a week in North Dakota last summer and found I lost my sense of direction very easily, particularly on very cloudy days. I was grateful for the compass readout in my truck. In such conditions it was startling how grain elevators and similar structures took on enormous perceptual importance. Structures that I would normally pay little attention to became extraordinarily important as landmarks and waypoints in an otherwise nearly featureless landscape. It's a very good case of how relative contrast plays a critical role in human perception.

    How did you do the color restoration?
  3. Mostly by the highest value = 'white' and the darkest value = 'black' -- then fine tuning

    Some of us call it the "Ozone System" :D
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