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  1. My favorite lens is the Sigma 30 1.4. It's sharp enough for me wide open and has great bokeh. This are the two things I'm looking for. I have some other nikon primes and zooms, but none of them really comes close. Do you also have the Sigma 30, and if so what else can compare in a longer focal length? What about Nikon's DC lenses?
  2. Also, the Sigma has pretty low CA and color fringing wide open, which is another reason why I like it much more than my Nikon primes, which need to be stopped down.
  3. Nikon 35/1.8 is great wide open and it's dirt cheap.
    Sigma 50/1.4 is superb wide open and not cheap.
    Nikon 10.5/2.8 fisheye is incredibly sharp, though bokeh is not one of its strengths. You normally won't see much of it though.
    Sigma 20/1.8 is big, heavy with 82mm filters, but it has wonderful bokeh. You even see it, because you can focus almost down to the front element.
    Sigma 70/2.8 macro is incredibly sharp wide open and has pleasant bokeh.
    See my lens index for images on my blog made with these lenses.
  4. Sigma 30mm 1.4/Nikon D80
  5. For longer focal length primes, look at the 50/1.8 and 50/1.4 Nikkors. These aren't DX lenses but they work just as well on DX cameras. The 50/1.8 is the smallest, lightest and cheapest Nikkor but it's very good and quite sharp. I've got some of my best shots with it. Then there's the 60mm macro, Sigma 70mm macro and various 85mm options that are all quite good as well.
  6. Alas, if you're used to and like the bokeh from that 30/1.4, then Nikon 50/1.8, 50/1.4, and 60 Micro mentioned above will be a bit maddening. Perhaps less so the new 50/1.4 G than the D version. But I'd get the Sigma 50/1.4 in that situation anyway.

    A bit longer? Nikon's 85/1.4 is one you'd no doubt love.
  7. I have the 50 1.8 and I agree it's bokeh is not a strong point. It is a nice lens, but I want more! I have seen some samples from the 50 1.4 G and it does not strike me as being a great lens as far as bokeh. I also have the 85 1.8, and it has the same purple fringing that the 85 1.4 shows in the photozone review. This makes me reluctant to even consider the 85 1.4.
  8. my top bokeh lenses are: sigma 30/1.4; sigma 50-150/2.8; tamron 28-75/2.8 and tamron 17-50/2.8. none of my nikkors--i have 18-70, 50/1.8, and 70-300 ED--are outstanding in this respect, though the 70-300 can produce decent bokeh. if you like the sigma 30, the next step on the bokeh ladder would be either the sigma 50/1.4, the sigma 20/1.8, or the nikon 85/1.4. also, the tamrons dont have much CA at all.
  9. I've seen some pretty nice stuff from the 105 DC, but have not used it myself nor know it's CA characteristics. My Sigma 150 Macro is working out quite nicely.
  10. The 105DC is considered as one the very best high quality bokeh-producing 35mm lenses ever made, perhaps on another level than the Sigma 30 HSM. It's also sharper than the Sigma 30 and has the unique-to-Nikon DC lenses Defocus Control feature. The 135DC is similarly performing.
  11. I've got both the Sigma 30 and 50. Both will produce incredible bokeh. I've seen the Sigma 50 compared to the Noct in terms of bokeh - and it doesn't lose by much.
    A word of caution: My 50 had a bit of a front-focusing issue. I sent it back to the company, and got it back just over a month later. It was well worth the wait. If you decide to purchase the 50, just be aware of the possibility of a need for recalibration.
  12. The Nikon 50f1.4 (I never really fell in love with the 1.8 version), 85f1.4 (even the 1.8 in this lens), but my favorite lens for portraits, shot wide open, is my 80-200f2.8.

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