Great Deal on Color Film

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by al_kaplan|1, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. With the holidays coming up I always get talked into shooting some
    color negative film. Walgreen's has 4 packs of 24 exp. Kodak Gold 200
    on sale this week for $4.99. Time to stock the freezer!
  2. Is there a noticeable difference between Gold 200 and High Definition 200?
  3. The Kodak Gold 200 is the good stuff, the other stuff is too vibrant for my taste.
  4. I'll stick with my current favorite - Kodak 400 UC. Great stuff.
  5. >Time to stock the freezer!<

    The thing hasn't even cooled down from the last failure.
  6. It will be more expensive if it stocked in a freezer, no?
  7. I've never heard of Gold 200 being that impressive. Is it? I really like 100; the Kodak 400 and 800 (the Max stuff) is crap. Al, is the 200 really good? B&H has both 100 & 200 for very reaonable prices too.
  8. I like it. I used to shoot a lot of the Gold 100 but Walgreens stopped carrying it, at least here in the South Florida area. It was handy for use with fill flash. Then I discovered that a stop overexposure with the 200 works great also. Give it a try and see if you like it.

    It has a bit more contrast than I'd like for shooting weddings but for shooting general family pix during the holidays it's great. Good flesh tones for a variety of racial types as well.
  9. Kodak Gold 100 scans really well for some reason. I used to buy a lot of it just to shoot and scan, so did many other folks I know. A good scanner is important thougn (and knowing HOW to scan), I used a Nikon Cool Scan 4000ed then.
  10. Thanks Al. I'll see if my local Walgreens has a similar special and try some. Randy, agree on the scanning for Gold 100, great stuff! I too use an LS-4000. I'll see how 200 does...
  11. Walgreens is running a limited $1.00 a roll on the Walgreens (made by AGFA) 200 print film too ...
  12. The aforementioned Gold 200 film with 2007 dates is the first I have seen from the Kodak manufacturing facility in China. Any difference noted in results compared to former domestic production?
  13. Thanks for the head's up on this Al. Just picked up two 4-packs this afternoon. Will fire a roll off tomorrow and try scanning before the week is out to see how it results. I was told the sale's on until Saturday.
  14. Ok, this Gold 200 scans great on my LS-4000! Better and easier than either my other 'til now fav's: 400UC and Gold 100. I shot a roll with my Leica MP with mt 50/2 Summitar attached and am very pleased. Will be buying as much as Wlagreen's has left tomorrow morning. (not great shots, just a few I fired off to see how this film does for me...)
    MP, 50/2 Summitar, Kodak Gold 200
    MP, 50/2 Summitar, Kodak Gold 200
    MP, 50/2 Summitar, Kodak Gold 200

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