Gray areas in pictures while clicking with a D7100..

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jishnu_basu, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone! :)
    I joined this site because I'm in desperate need for help (and certainly for tips later!)..
    Off recent I have noticed that in random, many pictures have a significant amount of gray coloured areas over them. I use a D7100. This is a very recent occurrence. There is no particular order in which the pictures come out as gray, and the sizes: it could be the entire area, or just 1/16th of it.
    Anyone else who has a similar issue? It would be great if some one could guide me this!
    Some pictures:
    (Okay, this is WEIRD! Its green now...)
    (And black...what even...)
  2. The files are obviously corrupted. Could be due to either the card or the camera. Best to check out other cards and determine if that's where the problem lies. If it's the card the solution is simple, toss the card. If it's the camera it's on to Nikon for service/repair.
  3. Hi Jish, no telling what the problem might be until the camera is opened, but the random and intermittent nature, to me, suggests a loose or defective flat ribbon cable connector/connection - there are quite a number of them interconnecting the circuit boards and modules in the camera, and related problems is a fairly common occurrence.
  4. I have had that camera since it came on the market and have never seen anything like that. It will be interesting yo see if someone comes up with a solution.
  5. Try a different card 1st of course. Nikon has a list of approved cards in the manual, and I'd stick with them if I were you. If that's not the problem try to return the camera if it's new because this sort of nonsense happens far to often in my opinion. All else failing, send it to Nikon to repair. I recommend Melville if you have a choice.
  6. As mentioned, try a different card, and I hope that you are using the camera to format the card before use as well.
  7. mm Good advice : Different card.
    If the images in your camera look OK when viewing them then :
    In addition and depending on the method you use to load the images to your PC
    - ry a new USB cable, sometimes when they go bad they can give this kind of disturbances due to bad connection
    - If using a card reader : try a different card reader.
  8. That's JPEG corruption, and the storage card is the prime suspect. You're not using a Micro SD card in an SD adapter are you?
  9. Hello everyone, thank you all for your very quick responses! I appreciate it a lot!
    I used to use a 16GB SanDisk, but then that had an issue back in January. So as a temporary alternative, yes Rodeo, I used a MicroSD card with an SD adapter...
    However, now that the 16GB card seems to be working, I clicked around 200 odd pictures, none of them with the coloured areas. So I think it was an issue with the MicroSD card only..
    Again, thanks all for your inputs! :D

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