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  1. Old St Pancras Churchyard, London. Burial place of Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelly. Some graves were dug up to make room for a new railway and the stones were group around a tree by Thomas Hardy before he was a well-known novelist.

  2. 9-4-99 10 1d full size.jpg
    Kodak HIE - Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond VA
  3. Dated 1833 Z Savannah-134.jpg
  4. Headstone.jpg
    In Sparta, Tennessee: "16 Unknown Confederate Dead"
  5. 9-18-17 C 5d crop.jpg
    Iford FP-4 Lexington Cemetery, Lexington KY
  6. Czech-Praha-Ghetto-Cemetery.jpg
    Jewish Ghetto Cemetery, Prague
  7. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    05-107_0209 - TONY0040 - grave.jpg

    The grave of the Unknown Traffic Warden.

  8. Temple Beth El Cemetery, Buffalo, NY


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