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  1. The grafmatic film holder can hold 6 sheets. It is good for saving the space in my camera bag. Plus, it is not so thick. However, I don't know that if it is good regarding the image sharpness. I hope that I can get some information from the users. Thanks!
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    I shoot with two Grafmatic film holders. I have not noticed any loss of sharpness in general. However, if the septums (film holders) become bent they can jam the slider, and produce slight fuzzyness at the corner that is bent. I most often shoot at f22 or smaller, so I have never really concerned myself with optimal sharpness when shooting wide open. I will tell you, it is a lot more pleasant to carry two Grafmatics than six double sided holders! One other thing, dust is a big problem with the Grafmatic! Make sure you blow them out each time, and it's not a bad idea to neutralize the static cling on the holders also. One last thing, the holders can get a bit stiff shifting the septums when really cold. I generally don't use my Grafmatics when the temperature is below freezing.


  3. Based on a study published in View Camera a few years ago which
    examined film flatness and position for various holders, the
    grafmatics was the best and most consistent of all the holders
  4. If you haven't already found the Graflex page, look in their FAQ section under accessories/grafmatic backs. There are operating and loading instructions. Try The backs I own work great.

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