Graflex 22 TLR shutter speed problem

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by melvin_krick, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Hello again. I have a nice, very clean condition Graflex 22 TLR. The only problem is the T and B setting on the
    shutter speed scale.. When the scale is turned to T or B, the shutter speed stays at 1/200 sec when shutter release
    is pressed. Any ideas? Probably will have to send it in for a CLA>
  2. The shutter needs cleaning. Cost will range from $50-$70. It is a decent TLR, and the price of repair worth it in my book.
  3. If your really brave you can try to fix it yourself. I dont know if you have an Alphax shutter or a Rapax shutter.
    If it's an Alphax shutter here is a link that may be useful.
    If it's a Rapax shutter you may find this useful.
    I believe all the Graflex 22s are Rapax shutters and allegedly have better lenses then the Alphax shutters in the Ciro-
  4. Hello,

    The T, and B, settings in this camera are controlled by two little arms that must move freely. You can fix this yourself, if you have some small screw drivers, and good dextarity. Just take the lens out, remvoe the two screws that hold the front cover in place, remove the speed cam, then the shutter cover, noting where the four screws were located as they are all different. Now you will have no problem putting some oil on the screw that holds the T, and B, arms in place and they should work fine from this point onward.

    Or you could just pay the 30-45 dollars for a good CLA.

    It is all up to you.

  5. Century Shutter, based on the Alphax. The Time and bulb levers could simply be gunked up and need cleaning, or as I have seen with these shutters, the brass levers can break. More likely gunked. These are about the easiest shutter to service.
  6. T and B are controlled by a pair of finger-like levers near the shutter release. If you unscrew the front cell, remove the front panel of the shutter, find these sticking levers and clean them with a drop or 2 of lighter fluid on a cotton swab, the T and B function will come back.
  7. $50-$70 to repair a Graflex 22 is worth it? Not in my opinion. For that you could but a Yashicamat or Ikoflex and have a much better camera. You could also buy two or three Ciroflexes for that amount of money. You may even get one that works.

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