Graduated ND filters for cokin P system

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by dinesh.godavarty, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have one cokin graduated ND filter for the cokin P system. However, the
    filter is not long enough. When I want the gradation to be very near the top of
    the frame, the bottom of the filter ends up right in the frame and leaves an
    edge in the exposure. So cokin filters do not seem to do the job for this.

    Can anyone recommend a filter that is long enough so that I can place the
    gradation anywhere I want in the frame? Also, I do not want to spend a lot of
    money, so a cheapest possible filter recommendations please! (other than cokin,
    unless they started making longer filters).

    Also, if I had to buy just two grad ND filters, which ones should they be?

  2. Lee makes some longer resin filters I believe.
  3. I don't know of an inexpensive answer. Singh Ray and Lee are good filters that do exactly what you want, but you will spend about $100 each. I use Singh Ray, and I am quite happy with them and the company's service.

    If I only had two grads I would get a 2-stop soft and a 3-stop hard.
  4. First of all, Cokin ND filters aren't neutral, they usually have a slight color cast to them. The best for the price in ND grads I've found are Hitech filters for $40 ea. out of B&H, and they actually are neutral.
  5. Hi Mike,

    How do the sizes of Cokin grads compare with the sizes of the Hitech grads? I am interested in the hitech filters but am concerned about the length.

  6. Just going off memory but the Hitechs are about 25 to 30% longer than the Cokins. They are, I think, 1mm wider which makes them a slightly tight fit in the P holder. I have several of them and the slight extra thickness is actually a benefit. They stay in place much better.
  7. Don't know how long the Cokin are but the Hitech are 110mm long.
  8. When I looked at the Cokin P series filters in the store, I thought they might be a bit too short, so I bought the Z-pro series (150mm long x 100mm wide), very capable of placing the graduation line anywhere you want in your frame. I'm a newb as far as filter systems go though, so I couldn't tell you if Cokin is the best cheapest option. Check out for info on their four different systems.

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