Got Nikon D70s?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by 2069, May 6, 2005.

  1. How is it?

  2. It seems quite nice so far. I've only had it a week and a half but found it easy to figure out. It's a good thing because I don't have the manual in English yet. I found the menu easy to follow and then you just moved through the instructions.

    I have not seen any back-focus issues.

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    Ah, Conni has gone digital and must have picked up a brand new D70s in Tokyo. As we discussed before, the D70s is practically the same as the original D70 with a larger LCD on the back. It is unlikely that people will find it all that different.
  4. I notice that, at least on B&H, the official price of the D70 and D70s are the same. Has anybody seen their unofficial "add to cart for lower price" yet on the D70?
  5. Loving mine. Took me a while to work out long time exposure, actually, it's still out in the paddock focused on the stars. has been there for an hour and a half. Think I'd better bring it in now.
  6. Ok....I take that back. Thought the "mirror lock" would work, but it didn't. just got heavy dew on my lens. Anyone got any ideas how I can photograph the stars for a couple o hours? I've got neutral density filters. How do you keep the shutter open for long periods of time on the d70???
  7. For Lex:

    Canoga Camera has a lower check out price for the D70 at $859.95.
  8. Blair, put it in 'Bulb' mode and use a cable release - either the new wired one, or an ML-L3/ML-L1 infrared release. Mirror lock-up is strictly for cleaning.
  9. Ah! Shun -- I haven't "gone" digital. I just had the opportunity to get it while I was down in Osaka and I do have some times when it can be useful. I had great luck satisfying my NAS for a while.

    I shot my F6, backed up, as always by an F70 and the FM3a. In the down time, I figured out how to use the D70s. It sure is light after the F6.

  10. Several months after I bought my D70, I bought a Bessa-L and a 15mm f/4.5 superwide heliar. It also has prompted me to make of my Bronica ETRs and its 40mm and 50mm lenses more often.

    "Going digital" was the only reason!

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