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  1. Got my Fuji X100 today! Amazing camera, at last someone thought about photographers that are not rich! Amazing lens, amazing sensor... good pictures at 5000 ISO, usable at 12000! My old Leica M8 is jealous...of course the X100 is no match for longer lenses... but what a wonderful tandem! A perfect second (or first) body! Sorry about all the excitment, but if you give it a try, you'll get hooked!!! Fussy menu though...
  2. Downloading the latest firmware helps a little.
  3. António:
    The great thing is that once you get it set up, you rarely need to go through the menus again, other than to format.
  4. I'm glad to hear that you enjoying it. I take mine everywhere, and having developed arthritis in my neck, am carrying a DSLR with lenses much less often. The X100 is a great street camera. The pro photograpery who is documenting a year in the life of my Cambridge college gets his assistant to carry all the heavy cameras while he carries his TWO X100s! Beware, if you install the firmware upgrade it resets the image numbers to zero.
  5. Regarding the firmware update resetting image numbering... After updating If you shoot with a card that has your last image before the update, the camera will see this and continue without resetting to zero. This is handy to avoid duplicating file numbering.
  6. I'm verrry tempted by the X100, for the same reason Harry mentioned - cranky neck and back, no fun lugging my heavy gear around anymore.
  7. Yep the X100 is pretty much that digital Canonet I have always wanted. I did take a look at one in my local store a couple of weeks ago. It's really the camera I have been waiting for, I just need the price to drop or wait for the next model to pick up a used one.
  8. Congratulations! It looks like a wonderful camera, and the reviews are for the most part very, very good. Enjoy it.
    Can you comment on the shutter lag time for this camera? Thanks.
  9. Eric is right, once you get the setup to the way you shoot the camera is an absolute delight. And talk about quiet ... I think you could take a picture of Tiger Woods in the middle of his backswing and he wouldn't know.
  10. hi all
    I'm on the verge of buying a x100... but are the raw files openable in Adobe Camera Raw?
  11. Shawn:
    Once you're focused, the shutter lag is nonexistent. I use the "manual focus" mode, which means I can push a button on the back of the camera to have the camera focus. Autofocus time is slower than an SLR, but faster than most point & shoots. Doesn't take any more time to focus this way than it did for me with a rangefinder. Once you have focus, using this mode, the shutter button won't try to re-focus, so it will instantly take a photo.
    I have CS 4. ACR won't open the raw file. I understand ACR in CS 5 will. I upgrade every couple releases, so I'm waiting for CS 6. Adobe's free DNG converter will convert the raw files to dng, and those open just fine in CS 4.
  12. Waiting for it to come available in the USA... Not at Amazon or B&H Photo...
  13. Bought one today... on hol in Minorca all next week... something for me to play with while my wife fries in the sun
  14. Here is a 'street shot' I took recently at one of London's famous markets. The shutter is silent in the quiet mode.
  15. Two days after: the counter is well over 700 shots! Pros: virtually silent (almost as silent as the Hexar AF in silent mode, excellent lens (just a bit softer at the edges wide open) , excellent metering and white balance, extraordinary DR mode (and I mean it!) impeccable jpegs, fantastic viewfinder... Cons: the most awkward menu I've seen in my life (i.e. try to get rid of the Auto ISO in a hurry to set a manual ISO!), sometimes focus is not spot on (very rarly indeed it focuses a bit further) and what a shame in does not come with neither a filter thread and lens hood; ah, the battery does not last a few hours shooting, and it should be a black version. Time lag is nonexistent after focusing, but autofocus is pretty fast. Manual focus is slow, making it unusable (and when you turn the camera off it does not maintain the set distance). Compared to Leica: better ISO performance, but fixed lens; not as responsive in fast situations (Henri Cartier-Bresson disciples will suffer from this) and it lacks the Leica name, costing five times less... But after all, the most exciting camera I've had in years!
  16. António:
    For manual focus, it appears the intent is to use the back button to get close, and then fine-tune by turning the lens. Done this way, manual focusing isn't that slow. I don't even fine-tune using the lens. So in essence, I'm using manual focus mode, but letting the X100 autofocus. I used the command control button to see a 10x magnification of my focus spot, and then shoot away.
    As long as your subject is relatively stationary, this works quite well. And if your subject is constantly moving, then shooting with a manual rangefinder is problematic, too, unless you want your subject centered under the focus patch.
  17. António, are you using the AEF/AEL. button for manual focus? It's quick enough. MF is only 'unusable' if you stick to
    the manual focus ring. Your overall conclusion is well put: the most exciting camera in years.

    EDIT: posted simultaneous with the last post.
  18. Gosh, it works! Thanks a lot Richard! Using the AFL/AEL button focuses the lens in manual mode! I had it set in toggle mode, and it keeps the distance for a series of photos! Well, just like a Leica... I confess there is a lot of the manual I haven't read yet...
  19. And I found out how to magnify the focusing spot using the so-called command control which is the black-on-silver (not back button) wheel I thought it was meant to modify the "P" settings!... Thanks a lot Eric and Richard!!!
  20. António:
    You're quite welcome. This is one of those cameras where it pays to read the manual. Then, once you think you know how to use it and have been using it a while, flip through again to see what you missed the first time. :)
  21. The other thing that might not have been clear from the firmware upgrade is the command button lock, which prevents
    inadvertent activation of the flash or burst mode. In the description of the firmware upgrade this is called 'rock' which
    was confusing. It is 'lock' by pressing the OK button for 3 secs.
  22. "In the description of the firmware upgrade this is called 'rock' which was confusing. It is 'lock'..."​
    Oh, no... must... refrain... from... Engrish... jokes...
    I don't care, I still want an X100. They could print typos on the camera itself and I'd still want one.
    Actually, that's pretty funny after yet another of those tedious "You Americans mispronounce Nikon" threads.
  23. You're right! It is even possible to have a tele-converter when making movies ( a 105mm eq.) by pressing the + button before shooting begins...I read it in the manual, and it works!
  24. Olá, António
    I don't know if your camera with firmware version 1.10 (the new one) or version 1.01.
    If you've got 1.01 upgrade it as soon as possible and you'll overcome most of the menus issues as the "fn" button will give you access to the most used menu items and allows you to allocate them to this button quite easily and fast.
    Unfortunately the "auto ISO" is not in the list but you've a way to go there almost directly: push the "fn" button until you get the menus; go to "<-C SEL. DEF. PERSON." (if you have the portuguese menu, or the equivalent in another language); push the "OK" button and you get the "auto ISO" menu entry just bellow it; after this you can move across the list for "Fn", pusk "OK" to allocate the one you wish and press "DISP/BACK" to escape the menus.
    It seems more complicated and time spending that it actually is - you'll end up doing it with no problem at all and just like as allocating any other facility to the "fn" button.
    If your camera still has firmware 1.01 you'll notice some other important and significant improvements.
    Keep enjoying it.
  25. António:
    Aha! The built-in teleconverter for movies was a feature I didn't know about. So in addition to reading the manual, read threads like this.
    I skipped over that section in the manual because I don't generally record movies. It is nice to tuck away in the far recesses of my mind so that when I need that feature at some distant point, I'll forget how to use it, but I'll know I should remember and be bugged non-stop until I recall what it is, hours after it would have been useful. :)
  26. Aha! And you can increase or decrease the size of the focus patch by pressing the AF button and while moving the command button (black on silver) towards the sides!
  27. Velvia mode blocks the shadows. I solved that issue decreasing the density of the shadows in the menu to "soft". Pictures seem much better now!
  28. Works pretty fantastic for me, far, far better than the M9 did on the same event last year..
  29. After ditching focus in manual using the overly large focus box with the AF/AE lock, I went to AF-S mode and now lock focus for more than one shot with the AF/AE lock button, since the focus box is much smaller and precise, my hit percentage is around 90%...
  30. And I don't shoot raw at all with this camera, there is no need, the jpegs in using Astia with medium dark shadows look like a good slide film stock, press ready, none of the flat looking garbage you see people posting on the web...
  31. Keep it up with the tips on here. Whew, this camera takes some getting used to but certainly worth it and spending a lot of time experimenting with all the features and reading the book, and reading the book and ... you get the picture. Used all weekend long on several Fourth of July event assignments. Camera did not disappoint although I think the photographer might have disappointed the camera by not being fully versed on how to use it.
  32. Wow! What a great little camera!!!
    This was processed from jpeg...
    Best seen larger...
  33. Note that when you download and install firmware 1.10, they include a whole new manual as a PDF! Your paper manual is obsolete.
    Great camera, and getting better!
  34. I finally loaded up Adobe Camera Raw 6.4.1 with p_shop cs5 on my Mac... The x100 Raw files are simply delicious...
  35. Day 12: My X100 hasn't left me since I bought it. I took it along a SLR and a Leica M8 for my work (I am a photojournalist) and I am still in love with the camera. Cons: besides complaining about the menu lay-out the speed of focus cannot be compared with a SLR in available light photography. The AF hunts, hunts and many shots are missed, particularly if the subject is moving. I tried to pre-focus using MF and the AE/AFL button, and it worked better. In low light focus is not that precise: sometimes it backfocuses. PROS: it is almost silent; the jpegs produced are better that most Raws processed in ACR: the grain is sharper, less diluted than in Raw (more film-like)
    Better than the Leica? High ISO are better, white balance is better, no dust in the sensor, JPEGS are better... but the Leica still is my camera of choice. Manual focusing, once you get used to it, gives you a confidence that cannot be achieved with the X100. But the M9 costs seven times the price of this small Fuji...

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