Got my AE-1 back after about 20 yrs!

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by mark4583|1, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. My cousin stopped by last night with a surprise, she asked me If I would like my camera back that I let her daughter use for he HS press club and I haply gave her a AE-! I had not used for years, I had swapped over to Nikon then, But I didnt think I would ever get it back, but there it was and looks as new as the day I bought it and works great, I think she used it a couple times and put it away and forgot about it.
    it has the 50mm 1.4 SSC lens, No clue if this is a decent lens but I assume its sharpest around 5.6? what other lens should I keep my eye out that would be a gem to get?
  2. mark, I'm glad you got your hands back on a Canon FD. That lens is well beyond decent to the point of being excellent! The list of lens gems is very long. One I'm fond of in the budget class is the 135/2.5, the "beer can".
  3. It's amazingly good lens, I prefer to carry this lens around more than 1.2 L (since I am a mediocre photographer and I'm very clumsy).
    35-105, 3.5 is my carry around but if you have room for more then most of Canon fd lenses starting at 7.5 mm and not finishing at 300mm L are good.
  4. The FD 50/1.4 is like most lenses of that era, a bit soft wide-open, sharpens up nicely by F2.8, very sharp by F4.0. As for what other Canon FD lenses you consider, the concave front element 35/2.0 is legendary. Any of the aspherical lenses or L lenses are also outstanding.
  5. My favorite walkaround FD lens is the 35-105/3.5. It has a useful range and performs very nicely.

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