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  1. I have been using the Google backup service, the paid one. Some questions have arisen though. It was originally called Google Drive, and on my MAC it installed a folder in the finder window called "Google Drive." So I copy files there and they backup to Google Drive. Then Google made a big deal, it seemed, that Google Drive became Backup and Sync, new icons and suggestions that there was new functionality, "download it now." It seems confusing that google, after launching B&S, kept the name Google Drive, confusing for me at least, and uses both names in their websites.

    I just want a place to backup images, just upload, and have them there and be done with it, but it doesn't seem that simple, or maybe it is?

    My questions are:
    How do google users use this service, I mean the workflow for it, to backup images or whatever else?
    That google drive folder---which kept the same name after the birth of B&S--is getting pretty big. After upload to google, can that folder be emptied, ie all uploaded files deleted, without jeopardizing the images in their original location or the google cloud backup?

  2. I don't use Google to back up my "real" photos. I prefer external drives rather than online storage. But, I do use Google for my phone and some documents on my PC. Google Backup and Sync has seeming always been there and backup up any images on my phone. I imagine what you're paying for is the additional storage space, because the feature has always been free.

    On the desktop version, you can go into the setting and designate or even create folders that you want to be. (The CHOOSE FOLDER OPTION BELOW opens a window to add another folder to be syncd.) Or you can just create the folders on your MAC and in the Preferences in Google choose the additional folders you wish to be backedup. Thats how I do it.

  3. Discovered a couple of issues, and a resolution. Some report that when using sierra, Backup and Sync will not load. And Google Drive has issues also. But going into library/application support/ finding the google section and deleting it, then restarting B&S and it will load.
    What I found best though is just dragging and dropping files from Finder onto the individual folders in google drive, ie not using B&S at all.

    I am using the paid version because a while back when I first subscribed, and maybe now, there was a limit on the size of individual files and how much can be backed up. The paid version eliminates those restrictions. It, Google drive, also had an issue with NEF files, many reported. I have changed what I am sending to google though, now just sending up the edited jpgs. Soooo, maybe a need to rethink the idea of paying, since files will ne smaller and no NEFs, thus total space needed will be less.

    I am backing up everything on a couple of external drives though, as you describe. IOW a b/u for the b/u.
  4. I'm usually overcautious and suspicious, especially of anything that is out there in cyber space.

    I bought a nice 5TB hard drive to back up my 6TB main external drive using (Mac) Time Machine. In addition I also manually back up particular folders, files to external 1TB drives that are normally unconnected and stored separately from my workspace. Storage is getting really cheap these days....

    I have backups of older stuff on more or less permanent DVDs and such like

    And yes, I do wear a belt and suspenders. :rolleyes:
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  5. Nice, it is a free way to backup anything for phone , i have used it , and It's better than any backup tools,
  6. Google backup is different from iCloud backup. i prefer the iCoud backup since it is free way , and the apple account and password ,
    The account and password are set by themselves.
  7. Of course . it depends on your are iOS user , and it is invalid if you are Android user ,
  8. I have tested program named Google Photos Backup on windows. I have not used it in several months and it appears to refuse to start anymore. Probably just needs re-install. Back when it worked, one started program, selected folders to be uploaded and selected upload button. The upload process was not the fastest one, but images appeared to Google Photos.

    I also use android mobile. I have unselected automatic sync to Google Photos, so images must be uploaded manually. If a day accumulates a lot of images, it is faster to use memorycard reader to transfer images to computer than transfer through Google Google photos.

    There are limitations in Google Photos, so I have uploaded only medium size jpegs from cameras and full size jpeg from mobile.

    So far I have kept original images on two computers, but have not yet got around for remote location or online backup.

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