Goodwill Hunting and Awesome Finds!

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by andy_collins|1, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Until the last few days my searches for used cameras had been at an all-time low, and I hadn't really found anything outstanding. Yes, I've found plenty of stuff on Ebay but not at the flea markets or at Goodwill. Within the last week however, I did manage to find a couple of very nice cameras at unbelievable prices. I found both this Olympus Stylus Epic for a whopping $2.99 and the Yashica T4 Super in the box with all of the original paperwork for a grand total of $3.99! The T4 looks new (although it has dust particles on it in the picture) and works perfectly. Even the manual is in excellent condition. The Stylus Epic is also in excellent condition with just superficial marks on it. I've heard so many good things about the Yashica but could not really justify the prices they usually command, so to get one for practically nothing is a dream! Here are the cameras...
  2. Yashica T4...
  3. I've got film in both so I'll have pictures to share soon.
  4. Andy, are you sure you didn't misplace the decimal on that $3.99 Yashica? Jeez, what a find!
  5. Those aren't good finds, they are great finds!
  6. A T4 for 4 buck? That's the find of the year! Look for ward to the pic, Andy.
  7. Let's keep Goodwill our secret. I was out today with my $21 Voigtlander VF-101
  8. Someday I will bag the wily T4 Super. I once found one at a thrift for $7 but it had some internal badness. Shutter and wind-on sounded fine, but every frame on the test roll was blank. Happily, I have found a couple of Stylus Epics for a few bucks each. I am a patient hunter...
  9. Yes, these are great finds! First of all, I couldn't believe that I'd actually found a T4 at Goodwill, let alone for that price. I thought that maybe something was wrong with it, such as the battery door was broken, but it's in perfect condition and works like it should!
  10. Oooh! That's a pretty little Epic, and the price you paid for the T4 is sheer highway robbery...I'm looking forward to the pics!
  11. Great find. I have a Stylus Epic and I really like the results it produces.
  12. Our Goodwill never has cameras, at least there not shown, inside trading:^) I have found a few at yard sales but even they are rarer.I watch the bay closely and there is a occasion good deal. I keep hoping to find that super deal.
  13. Rick--I hope to have some pics soon. I'm eager to see what the T4 can do since I have read so much about it. I've had a lot of Stylus Epics over the years so I know how great a camera it is.
    Mike--I'd love to see some shots from your Stylus Epic. It's a fun camera to use.
    David--Keep looking; you'll find that super deal when you least expect to. Our Goodwill used to have far more cameras than what they do now. There are some days when they don't have a single camera on the shelves, not even the cheapo models.
  14. The T4 is a real find! The Stylus not so much. I passed a lot of those during my thrift shop forays and pretty much every flavor of Stylus from the original I've run across, and most are pristine. I was too much into getting SLR equipment to consider an autofocus camera.
  15. Our Goodwill never has cameras, at least there not shown, inside trading:^) I have found a few at yard sales but even they are rarer.​
    I find Goodwill hunting to be labor intensive and depressing (you have to go to Goodwill). The yard sale thing is pretty low yield as well. I lie in bed awake at night thinking about the Hasselblad's and Rollie's that must be selling for pennies at yard and estate sales that I don't know about, but the sheer amount of effort it would take to get these killer deals negates the cost savings. I would check out the Goodwill in your area a few times to see if they occasionally get quality stuff in, but I would not spend years driving to a Goodwill just to be disappointed... especially at these gas prices.

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