Goodbye - winding things up

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  1. I have decided that my participation here is no longer useful or entertaining, at least to me.
    I lack the patience for the site, I guess.
    I have enjoyed getting to know many of you over the last ten years. Others, I fear, I will be all too happy to leave behind.
  2. I really, really, really enjoyed your posts being myself a classic cameras fan... Many people did too and your knowledge has been very helpful to many of us. I haven't been involved much myself in for years, excepted with the Classic Cameras forum. Why would you leave ?
  3. SCL


    Please have a stiff drink (of whatever) and reconsider. I've found your posts informative and entertaining. Furthermore, I will miss the periodic tower shot and classic camera trivia. Besides, spring is good thoughts clear the cobwebs of dreary winter.
  4. I haven't been posting or responding to much on PN either in the last few months. Not sure why.
    Sorry to see you go JDM
  5. Wow, I didn't see this coming. Sorry to see ya were a staple of this place.
  6. Jon! many of us are here, at least, partly because of your presence and others like yourself. You may not be able to contribute daily or frequently. But please do think of participating now and then. I myself do that only when I have some thing interesting. I hope you are keeping good health. Best regards, sp.
  7. JDM, +1 to what the others are saying. If you can't be persuaded to stay, even in a much reduced presence, then thanks for the immense contribution you have made, and best of luck for the future.
  8. +1 what SP just said. I hope none of us has done anything to piss you off.
    Lots of us take a sabbatical from time to time, but it would be good if you come back to enlighten us when the fancy strikes you. You have a unique skill set: you rarely, if ever, behave like a horse's ass (an uncommon virtue here!) and you know a lot about poxy old East German cameras and ancient civilizations. Now, I ask you, who can fill those shoes?
    That said, I think I know where you're coming from. is not what it used to be, but then, what is?
  9. I just can't imagine the CMC forum without JDM; perhaps a break from the forum and a taking-stock of your feelings may see you back, if on a less regular basis. Thanks for your immense contribution over the past decade; you're going to be sorely missed.
  10. I have always read your posts with interest and sometimes an inward smile (not LOL) at the terrible jokes. The question now is : what outlet will you find for that encyclopedic knowledge of East German cameras? I hope your decision is only a temporary blip and you will return refreshed.
    Take care of yourself.:)
  11. I think I know where you are coming from, as I too have left forums in the past for similar reasons, and if you are no longer getting any pleasure from the experience, then walking away can be the right thing to do. But, before you do, I'd like to say that although I haven't been here very long, your name is one of those that has stood-out - as a contributor who has something to say, and valuable knowledge to share. Whatever you decide - be happy - that's all that matters!
  12. JDM, I understand, greatly reduced my own activity here a couple of years ago, but am more active than ever in
    photography & on another forum. Best of luck & have barrels of fun!

    Tom M
  13. You'll be missed JDM, at least by me. All the best to you until our paths and errands cross again.
  14. JDM, even though my participation in this forum is pretty minimal, just to say I've always enjoyed reading your posts; where we crossed, we may not always have agreed (nor is that ever needed), but it was at least possible to comfortably disagree. You're among those who aren't too afraid to take one self not all that serious all the time, and on internet forums that is a rare and most welcome treat. I'll miss your contributions, but I can understand patience/will to invest more time in this little corner of the internet starts to run very thin.
  15. JDM, add me to those who will miss your presence on I second all the posters here. Perhaps, a sabbatical? If not, Thank You for all you've done.
  16. Damn. That's unfortunate, but also completely understandable. A wry wit, connected with substantial worldliness, is a too-rare thing.
  17. Dear Jon:
    Your wit, humor and in-depth knowledge, all generously shared, has made an interesting place and an important learning tool for me and many others. I hope a break away will find you back in some other forums down the road. Thank you for adding a wealth of not only important content but part of yourself into this place. You will be missed.
  18. What a shame. I've always found you to be interesting, to have reasonable opinions/guidance, and to be a valuable member. But I understand how frustrating the internet can be. Good luck to you on your future pursuits and don't forget that you can always return if you change your mind.
  19. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. I hope you come back and visit when you are in the mood.
  20. So that us relative newbies can understand and avoid faux pas, what behavior is so off-putting as to leave?
  21. Sorry to see you go. All the best to you!
  22. JDM, your obvious enthusiasm for photography has always been a boost to Photo Net. I will mis it. Best
  23. For these kinds of decisions there are proximate and ultimate causes.
    The proximate cause is usually trivial, as it is in this case.
    However, the longer-term causes are more like wrinkly socks on a long hike. At some point you just have to take off the boots.
    I do appreciate the kind thoughts very much.
  24. sorry to see you wishes on whatever you do.
  25. DITTO all the previous comments. Whatever you do, enjoy!!
  26. JDM - I do hope that you will reconsider if only to continue to make comments as only you can on our assorted silliness.
    I have learned a great deal and have enjoyed reading your vast assortment of articles on Soviet-Block cameras, your wonderful Canon EOS series, and your scanning articles. I now know how much time and effort it takes to write a series of articles for It can also be a thankless task.
    Do keep in touch. Keep us honest. Let us know how you are doing.
  27. I would like to add myself to the list of others urging you to reconsider. This site, and the CMC forum especially, won't be the same without you, JDM. Best of luck, whatever your ultimate decision may be.
  28. JDM, I have always looked forward to reading your comments and seeing one of your images shown at the bottom of the page. You are such a good photographer and have such a varied background and wealth of experience to share. I always delight in seeing your image of Uxmal and can only aspire to make something so beautiful. I look forward to the day you return to the forum.
  29. JDM, sorry to see you go. I've enjoyed your postings here, and especially the great story of your Ricoh Mirai over at Modern Film Cameras - one of my favorite cameras. Best of luck to you.
  30. From the first time I read any of your posts I recognized a great intelligence and wealth of knowledge. It was one of the reasons I joined. After putting aside my interest for 5 years I found my self to be a wealth of misinformation and ill remembered facts postings that probably were of no use. I hope I am not one those that changed the environment that motivated your decision. I also looked forward to your contributions and will miss them. This will be everyone's loss and I hope you move on to someplace that is more satisfying for you
  31. I won't ask to have my account deleted right away; but it's not likely that I'll be back anytime soon.
    I did make a last post on the No Words forum, my other favorite forum here, just so I would have made exactly 500 posts in my ten years on the site. :|
    Thanks again.
  32. Snik, snotter, mijn gemoed schiet vol.
    we'll miss you.
  33. JDM, to me you will remain primus inter pares (hopefully I use the phrase properly).
    I shall miss your acumen and wry wit.
    Fare thee well, Sir.
  34. Aw, Gee, there's a neat old water tower nearby my new home that I was planning on shooting just for you. We will miss you.
  35. Well, I think we just have to accept your decision, whatever the reasons may be.
    Anyhow, I would like to express that I always enjoyed your postings, many of them would right fit into a book on classic cameras. As a west-german citizen with a certain interest in the former eastern part (I am one of the not to many west germans who have spent a holiday week in former GDR) and owner of some cameras made over there, I will miss your postings on cameras which sometimes are hardly known among german collectors.
    Whatever you plan for the future, I hope you will enjoy it.
  36. Good bye and good luck. Will miss your commentaries.
  37. JDM, that was a rough exchange and uncalled for in my opinion, so my sympathies to you. I think you should just rest and recuperate and then return to your old haunts, when the wolves have returned to their caves.
  38. JDM,
    Say it ain't so! I signed into this forum for the first time in a year or more just to say I wish you weren't leaving. I understand where you're coming from, as much as I can understand anyone I have never actually met, but I will miss your presence and the neat info you always manage to dig up. But that's really immaterial.... it has been your geniality and good sense of humor that are will be sorely missed. These are wonderful qualities. (qualities which in a few, very few, other individuals here were MIA, and sorta prompted my moving to another site a long time ago. They brought to mind the old country song "How Can I miss You If You Won't Go Away?." So, I went away). I don't run into those attributes much these days. Hopefully you will either renig or pop in again now and then so that I can enjoy your schtick. Is that the right word? Your personality is what I mean. But what the hey, change is good! If you're ever in Florida (and you are better off not being here, trust me) drinks are on me. If I go to Denver, smokes are on me. Best wishes wherever you go. Sniff.
  39. JDM I don't think you should leave ive only just got to know you
    wether you like it or not you are a key essential member
    im about to post stuff I especially want you to see and comment on
    regards Andrew
  40. You know that I agree with all of the above, and respect your decision. Your input will be greatly missed, but like Gene M, I hope you drop in from time to time....and we will look forward to that time.
  41. JDM,
    The CMC won't be the same without you.
  42. Alle menschen muessen sterben.
  43. I'll be sorry to see you go, as I've found your posts informative, but we do what we must.
    I hope you get some good pictures anyway.
  44. I am sorry that you are leaving. We have interacted in the past and you have graced these forums with your breadth of knowledge. I too have hardly been around over the last year. The classic camera forum had been my favourite but I found some of the other forums to be not a vibrant, and the wedding forum to be downright nasty, which was why I did not bother renewing my subscription when it finally ran out.
    Your legacy would always remain and I hope you enjoy whatever you do away from here. I also hope that you enjoy your photography.
  45. Being one of the newest it may not be my place to say but I would consider giving a gift subscription. It would be well worth it for all JDM has done and he deserves it. It will always give you the option to say hello.
  46. Thank you for your insights, patience qnd the willingness to share them. Photo net will not be the same.
  47. A. T. Burke
    Mr. von Weinberg.
    I may well be one of the ones you do not miss. Nevertheless, I have greatly appreciated both your participation and the quality of your participation. You have continued the sprit promoted by the founder Mr. Greenspun “People helping each other to improve their photographic skills.”
    I wish you well in all you do,
    A. T. Burke
    P.S. Today I received my copy of your recommended “The Commissar Vanishes.” I have only thumbed through it briefly, but remember some of the included photos “way back when.” Some were first published when I was a schoolboy. Others preceded my literacy, but were probably seen while doing a school paper on a related subject. As a naive lad, I would have never questioned their authenticity.
  48. JDM, Thank you for generating and supporting the enthusiasm I have developed for this Forum over the years (especially regarding my beloved Pentacon Six). I am currently struggling to return after 2 years away with health issues. It can be done. All the best, Tony.
  49. Damn.
  50. JDM,
    I too, will miss your posts as I have missed Gene M posting.
    For a few years now, I have not contributed much to any of forums on Pnet. But I have enjoyed most of what you have posted.
    There is a hair salon in the next city west of us, and it is called JDM salon; sorry it is not JDMS SALOON. I will try and take a picture of the sign and send it to you.
    All of us will miss seeing your insightful postings.
    The very best to you, and com back and visit us time to time
  51. JDM,
    Although I have not been contributing to the CMC forum for a while, I still follow it very much. You will be missed for sure.
    Good luck to you !
  52. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and photos. I will miss your contributions.
  53. JDM
    WI just read what I think is the exchange that I think Robin was referring to. It is not a matter of thinking it was uncalled
    for,it was uncalled for period. you should be proud of the fact that you took the time to respond at all. If he was so smart
    and found your answer condescending then he should have been able to figure it out himself. I am sure you do not have
    time to waste on being petty as he described. I hope this was not the straw that broke the Carmel's back. It looked to me
    like someone was posting under the Influence and just about everyone on this site saw it for what it was while this guy
    dug his own grave. Your patience and help for those who ask questions that require patience are well documented on all
    the threads on this site. I would hate to see everyone here loose your input and collegiality because of a few who for
    some reason feel a need to target you and be rewarded for it. You just have to look at where this comes from and realize
    it is of no consequence.. Bottom line, if they do not like your advice just ignore it. Don't go away mad, just go away. If it is a choice between you being angry and insulted or them it is better for them to be insulted and angry.
  54. Thanks Donald. I appreciate the thought, but that thread was not the 'straw' but the trivial 'proximate cause' I mention above.
    I had come close to 'quitting' a year ago, so this was not a sudden decision. Several discussions relating to the forbidden topic of moderation, so-called, were also involved, but mostly I kept on because I was having fun. After another year of the same old problems, I am not having much fun so decided to call an end to it.
  55. Thank you for reigniting my interest and eventually I will leArn to get my facts straight as I reacquaint myself. Been an
    honor over the short time I have been here and good luck.
  56. You are a brilliant and much-valued contributor. Best of everything. This forum is one of the jewels of the Internet.
  57. I feel like there should be cake. Can we get a cake in here?
  58. I've got this vision of JDM and Gene M holed up in a cabin in the backwoods somewhere, soaking up Jack Daniels and bemoaning the state of the world amid occasional forays to photograph barns and water towers with Praktica's and box cameras, and foraging for chemicals to develop found films. Sorry.
  59. >>> After another year of the same old problems, I am not having much fun so decided to call an end to it.

    Why the veiled innuendo? If you have an issue, why not stand up and speak directly?
  60. It was not my intention, nor is it now, to nail up 99 theses. I'm leaving, that should be enough for you. I was only saying not to blame or praise one thread for my leaving.
    John Seaman has it, except that I prefer single malts, although I've never refused any "good liquor 'til it carry me down".
  61. Going to miss your contributions, JDM, which were always interesting, different, witty, or some combination thereof.

    Be well.
  62. Vielen Dank für deine vielen humorvollen und informativen Beiträge. Alles Gute für die Zukunft und immer eine handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel.

    Grüße aus Nordeutschland, Stefan
  63. JDM I will miss you.
  64. Geez JDM.. This is a sorry state to stumble upon.. Please Don't Never say never!! I want you to still be the keel of this forum. We all take sabbaticals and your wry sense of humor and even handedness is for me legend. I don'T want this to be goodbye, but out of gentlemanly respect, I will bid adieu.. I may yet write you on similar DDR topics and know that we all need to reassess our priorities. Been at such junctions and .. never say never!!
  65. Take care, JDM. I've always enjoyed your posts, even the snarky ones. You've created some absolutely gorgeous images using moderately priced (dare I say cheap?) gear, which proves yet again that it is one's eye, not the equipment. You're an inspiration to me! There are, unfortunately, jackanapes everywhere, and enduring them is an unpleasant aspect of our modern age. But there are far more good people than bad. Hang in there - you can always come back after a spell!
  66. My word. What a coincidence. On the day I decide to look at film scanners -> google -> thread about film scanners -> the same names -> this thread.<br>
    I've dipped in and out of over the years. There's a core of useful posts. Genuinely good technical information. But on the whole I find the site melancholic; it was founded in the early days of the consumer internet with very high hopes, but over time the eyes of the world have drifted elsewhere. It didn't keep up with dedicated product review websites, the technical nitty-gritty about late-90s film cameras isn't going to have a long tail, and even the underlying forum software feels anachronistic. The people are predominantly of a certain age range. And time is forever moving on, moving us all towards our date with the inevitable.<br>
    A few names keep popping up in the forums. The same half a dozen people posting hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of messages over a period of a decade or more. Every forum on the internet has people like this; I was one of them a long time ago. I had a sudden horrible realisation that I was not as funny or perceptive as I thought I was. You either recognise your limitations and give up, or you work to improve them, or you never recognise your limitations and the world moves on without you.<br>
    This thread's OP stood out. Because the name starts with JDM and it has a little "10" next to it and some rolls of film. One of the elite, the hardcore elite. I remember clicking on the OP's profile a few times, and it depressed me. It was the profile of a man who held himself in very high regard. Which would have been fine if there was substance behind it. But the photographic portfolio - presumably built up over decades, the cream of his crop - didn't stand out in any way. It had a negative effect; it made me want to disregard whatever the OP said, because on a fundamental level he was not operating in the same field. "Photography is a visual art form that magnetically attracts people who do not have a visual sense and are uninterested in art."<br>
    Snapshots of tourist landmarks taken in full sun; the photographer had walked up to the subject, put it in the middle of the frame, pressed the button, job done! Next. And everything looked purple, the colours were strange in a way that didn't suggest it was a deliberate creative choice. There was no attempt at composition, no visual style. The photographs were uninteresting treatments of dull subjects. They lit no spark inside my brain, and I had no desire to look at them twice. I can barely remember any of them. You have to think about the longer term. What are you going to leave behind? On and all the other forums - Manual Focus Lenses, - the legacy is page after page of "lens tests" and resolution charts but nothing of any lasting value. They don't work as lens tests because they're too informal and they don't work otherwise. They kept you amused; you could have built something of lasting worth.<br>
    I'm younger than the typical long-term user. I was aware, back then, that time is forever moving on, moving us all towards etc. Pushing us towards the edge of the cliff, with your generation going over the edge first, my generation following. In practice you will just fade away, stop posting, go and slowly vanish. The internet is a transient thing that has a churn, leaves no legacy. Do you ever think about Galen Rowell, with his technically brilliant but dull landscapes that wowed people in the 1990s? He's not going to last. People will not think about him in the 2030s. He was a technical photographer, and technology moves on. The next generation will see it happen to my generation, and so on forever. It happens in all fields to everybody, novelists and filmmakers and pub bores and nowadays forum posters.<br>
    I'm going to quote at length from myself, which is bad form, but I'm a terrific writer and there's no point writing the same thing twice. Look at these snappy short paragraphs with aggressive clipped sentences and not the slightest hint of sentimentality, just cold hard truth.<br>
    "Some photographers have a knack for producing arresting images with black and white film. Most don't, but why do they persist? The world of awful internet photography is full of people who shoot with black and white film because Henri Cartier-Bresson shot black and white, and they want to be like him, so they copy his gear.<br>
    But Henri Cartier-Bresson shot black and white for solid practical reasons. Film was, for him, the paper on which his art was drawn. If you want to become Cartier-Bresson you have to copy the things that inspired him, otherwise you're only imitating a surface. You are Gary Numan to Cartier-Bresson's David Bowie. And you have to accept that the things he was inspired by might not be relevant any more. Cartier-Bresson is as much Paris and the lives and times he passed amongst as he is black and white film, and Paris isn't coming back.<br>
    Much as I am suspicious of the Lomo people, there is something to be said for photography as an extension of a life lived. Put the best camera in the hands of a boring person and you get nothing; give a thinker or feeler or life-liver a cheap point-and-shoot and he or she will bring back something, from a world of dreams and life.<br>
    For Cartier-Bresson photography was not the process of photographing things with black and white film, it was the act of capturing the emotional truth of a scene, or the act of generating a new sensation with an image, or perhaps he was simply paying the rent with some grab-shots of cute Parisians. Arty girly touchy-feely stuff, practical business stuff. Internet photographers never talk about that. They're not photographers at all, they're gear enthusiasts. They aren't fighters in the arena. Their faces are untouched by dust and sweat and blood.<br>
    Neither is mine. There's a point when every DJ realises he is just a DJ, and that no matter who hard he can rock a party he's still playing records made by other people. Photographers are DJs whose records are the stuff of human life. Eddie Adams watched as another man's brains were blown out, he did not pull the trigger. He watched as real life happened in front of him."<br>
    And inevitably this will appear with wonky formatting because doesn't have a proper WYSIWYG editor. Let it be said that JDM von Weinberg and his mates inspired me, but not in a way he expected.
  67. I am so sorry to hear this. I myself have pulled back emotionally from the site. No more risking myself for some arcane point of. . . something or other.
  68. LOL -
    It was the profile of a man who held himself in very high regard. Which would have been fine if there was substance behind it.​
    Thanks Pomeroy, I needed that -- I was actually starting to miss the site. ;)
  69. Funny, but I thought it was just a lighthearted site where people posted some images and the odd idle chatter around the campfire.
    I like this forum because it is not too serious....lights out :)
  70. JDM von Weinberg,

    Sorry to see you go. Will miss your posts ...
  71. I need to take lessons from William Buckley so I can think I am a great writer and think I am impressing people with my sharp tongue.
  72. I saw Buckley interview Arthur Schlesinger as a guest on his show once. He treated Schlesinger with the utmost respect, even though they were poles apart ideologically. It was a rare thing to see Buckley offer anything like respect to his guests.
    Oh, we are talking about PN.
    Same point, though. Deliberate disrespect was Buckley's stock in trade. It gave him some fervent followers--and repelled everyone else. Deliberate disrespect on the web is sort of like that, I think, and after awhile it wears very, very thin.
    Is it my imagination, or was PN once a place where respect was the norm?
  73. I just joined PN because it is a place where respect is the norm. I probably should not have lowered my self to that level, It just evokes visceral responses to see someone like JDM leave while trolls have their fun. I just think the wrong people left.
  74. "To have control over others is the ultimate expression of a man's being; it is the lust that drives us all. First for the visceral thrill of destroying something powerful, and secondly for the gratification of being feared and respected." -- Ashley Pomeroy,
    Just a bit of context for Mr. Pomeroy's post, above.
    JDM, like almost everyone else, I've always admired and appreciated your contributions to this site. Thank you.
  75. Wow,75 are definitely going to have to come back now JDM :)
  76. "To have control over others is the ultimate expression of a man's being; it is the lust that drives us all. First for the visceral thrill of destroying something powerful, and secondly for the gratification of being feared and respected."​
    The "ultimate expression of a man's being". . . . So, you were just gratifying your perverse desire in public just above. Wow. I don't remember such a bald admission of perversity. Even Nietzsche was more subtle than that in his glorification of the presumed "will to power."
    JDM, like almost everyone else, I've always admired and appreciated your contributions to this site. Thank you.​
    Well said. Thank you indeed, JDM.
  77. Come on, are you going to insult Nietzsche by comparing these two?
  78. Landrum is being too kind to Elisabeth there, Donald.<br>I had expected him to know about his and her though, so i'm not quite sure he intented to be too kind.<br><br>JDM, i think you are quite right. If something, anything, as trivial as an internet forum no longer gives pleasure, there is absolutely no need to waste your time on it.
  79. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    Hi JDM, Mr Pomeroy will be 40 next year (half my age) and I wonder if he'll ever grow up? My advice is to ignore. There is plenty on Google under Ashley Mark Pomeroy - Wikapedia so you can judge for yourself. Hope you get into "No Words" again. Oh, I forgot, we're not young enough to know everything.
  80. Who is "Elisabeth," Q.G.? I've got to get ready for work, and so I haven't had time to do a full web search.
    I did find this, though (part of the larger context of the quote from the blog):
    Remorse, guilt, compassion, empathy, all of these are alien concepts in the animal kingdom. There is only pain and fear and horror, and the same true in the human world, for we are animals as well. Our brains are more complex than most, but the difference is only of degree. We are aware of our own existence, and that we are doomed to die. We can modulate pain and pleasure and we have a degree of control over our environment, and we recognise other people, who are like us but inferior. To have control over others is the ultimate expression of a man's being; it is the lust that drives us all. Firstly for the visceral thrill of destroying something powerful, and secondly for the gratification of being feared and respected.​
    Nihilism typically bores me, except insofar as some persons get passionate in defense of it. I'm not sure why. If it is "true," then nothing matters, so. . . why bother to expend energy trying to defend it?
    Even so, I would like to hear Ashley's take on the Edenic ideal and other mythical and legendary expressions of idealism, sexual and otherwise. I'm not being snide. I really would. It is easy to get unhinged in today's world--and in all previous epochs as well, I suppose. I'm not feeling too well-hinged today myself, a fact which I admit to lest I sound as if I think that I've got it all figured out.
    Yet, yet, some philosophies are so "unattractive" that one wonders what might be the source of their appeal. Is there even in the depths of depravity a lingering quest for logical consistency? If so, I wonder from whence it comes.
    Perhaps a disquisition on Augustin's "forbidden fruit" while you are at it, Ashley? What is the source of its appeal, after all? We surely cannot be rebelling against God if there is no God.
    [In any case, it appears, JDM, that none of the above had both everything and nothing to do with you--or anybody else.]
  81. You know Nietzsche, Landrum, but not Elisabeth and the way she 'curated' the Nietzsche Archive? If you know and mention the "Will to Power", you should also know that you are not talking about Friedrich then, but about Elisabeth. Else you do a great disfavour to Friedrich and (moral) philosophy.
    Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, was Friedrich's sister who cooked the by then no longer mentally with us Friedrich Nietzsche's work until it was palatable to her friends in nationalist and pre- and proto-National Socialist circles. She was the 'author' of "Der Wille zur Macht", the work and the idea. It is not "his glorification" but her glorification.
  82. See, it won't be all that different without me. :)
    I've mostly had fun, or I would have quit earlier. Never say never, but we all need a rest.
    My photography is mostly documentary, as most of you realize, but even my art(y) school trained daughter recognized a certain quality in my work, typified by my straight-on, but actually heavily photoshopped image of Constantine's Arch.
    Thanks, I appreciate all of your comments.
    This is, however, the end.
  83. I missed the allusion, Q.G. (I went through my Nietzschean phase back in 1971.) I do remember what you are talking about, now that you mention her role. I suspect that the concept is his, but I could be wrong.
  84. I asked what might have caused such a departure.
    Then I read some of the rude bilge that followed and I understand.
    Good luck to you, sir! I've always admired the results you can tease from some old plastic camera that exceed my ability to use a Nikon.
  85. We'll have to erect an arch for you, JDM. You have overcome the site, maybe even the world.
    I like your version better.
  86. Best wishes JDM, and like everyone posting, I read your's first whenever (and wherever) I saw them. I said to myself a long time ago that I get your humor and "where you're coming from", and also instantly realized not everyone does. Such is life on the internetz. Humans can be real jerks.
  87. Just wondering where did you find such an odd array of weird detractors.
  88. Fair winds and following seas, JDM. I will miss your articles and comments.
    As to the rest, if brevity be the soul of wit, why did it take 1144 words to say what could have been said in six?
  89. Always relied on solid, sensible comment from you. Please don't stay away too long.
  90. I'm Spartacus!
  91. JDM, I don't pretend to be overly edumucated. I am a simpleton. I appreciate simplicity. Not because I'm unable to handle more complicated matters, I can. It just isn't worth the bs to me. If you do go, come back soon. If you don't, good luck. I haven't checked in with much new stuff lately because my job and personal obligations eat my time like jungle ants. Your championing of East German cameras I find commendable. I've seen some rather long winded comments above. Keep it short and sweet. It's better that way.
    Live long and prosper.
  92. Oh yeah, JDM, don't give up on that Signet 35. You'll learn to love it yet.
  93. JDM, I couldn't believe that we lost you. Then I looked through some recent threads and understand your decision, even if I wish it weren't so. All the best.
  94. I must confess I am confused. A PN contributor who was apparently held in high esteem by some (but does not seem to have posted any pictures) has decided to leave. One contributory factor seems to have been the remarks by a certain Ashley Pomeroy, a person who appears to have some ability as a photographer, together with an attitude which is unremarkable by the standards of fashion photographers but who may appear to a person of delicate sensibilities from the academic world to be overly brash.
    AP seems to have been a powerful irritant to JDM - to me, AP's words are water off a duck's back, I am happy to comply with AP's request to be judged by his not at all bad pictures and not be overly influenced by his looked-for international man of mystery image. If JDM is bored with PN, he should most certainly do something else - to state his departure is due to the fact that he finds AP odious I find is wild and unnecessary. I wish him well, but the sky has not fallen.
  95. I'm confused. Who the heck is Ashley Pomeroy and why does anybody care what she had to say? JDM is one of the most
    helpful people on the Internet and as far as I can tell Pomeroy is a relative unknown with questionable taste in postprocessing and
    no manners.
  96. Well AP thinks he is a great writer but his phrase "magnetic attraction" puts the lie to that. A supercilious person who likes to pile upsophisticated words to impress people.
    But to keep record straight it was not pomeroy that was the straw that broke the camel's back according to JDM
  97. it was not pomeroy that was the straw that broke the camel's back according to JDM
    Are you sure? His PN photographer biography now consists only of a 5-line quote from Ashley Pomeroy and a brief indication of how much this has annoyed JDM. JDM was often provocative and stated extreme opinions (one example - his view of Mortensen) but clearly didn't like having the tables turned on him.
  98. Are you discussing the personality and behaviour of a photographer here? Seriously?<br>Don't. Talk photography.
  99. Are you discussing the personality and behaviour of a photographer here?
    Yes. In particular, I'm discussing the behaviour of the OP as described by himself and trying to understand why AP seems to annoy him so much that he decides to quit, having been a mainstay of PN for some considerable time. If the OP's post is permissible., so is mine.
  100. David, if you look carefully at some recent posts in which JDM participated, you would understand that it was not Ms. Pomeroy, whoever she is, who gave JDM the final push away from In fact, JDM announced his departure at the start of this thread, before Ms. Pomeroy had anything to do with it. She merely added another insult to someone, dear to many of us, who was already hurting.
  101. So now we have a thread that runs TEN pages, the longest I have seen here in length and time and one of the common
    elements has been one photographer's personality or another's and NOW objections are being raised? JDM's expertise
    and wisdom was a centerpiece probably for a majority of people here and discussing him and issues about his leaving are relevant to
    having productive conversations about classical cameras. Now if we are concerned about non complementary comments
    about personality someone should have brought that up when a certain person (won't mention his name but his initials
    are AP) first opened this door. And for that matter when JDM's personality was assailed and insulted a few days before. As for
    relevance maybe someone should have expressed their displeasure when Nietzsche was being discussed on this thread.
    I forget who posted on him you will have to help me out there. I am kind mystified, it is unfathomable that the mention of
    someone's name would stick in someone's claw or why they would be worried about this thread now. Of course if this
    thread is such a major violation which I do not think it is, then the moderator will advise me and I will follow his advice.

    If anything, it looks like the thread has suddenly gotten new life contrary to what some people would like to see.
  102. David, if you look carefully at some recent posts in which JDM participated, you would understand that it was not Ms. Pomeroy, whoever she is, who gave JDM the final push away from
    Hector, I have read as many of JDM's recent postings as I can find. I note that on the one hand he denies that it was Ashley Pomeroy (a man, by the way) who was the "straw that broke the camel's back". On the other hand, I also note that JDM's PN photographer biography now consists only of a 5-line quote from Ashley Pomeroy and a brief indication of how much this has annoyed JDM. Obviously, anyone can join or leave PN at any time without explaining themselves to me or anyone else, the reason for leaving may simply be boredom rather than any sudden dramatic event, but I would just out of idle curiosity like to know more about JDM's motivation. Who knows, he may yet choose to explain this!
  103. The one that broke the camel's back was a rather venomous diatribe on April 27, "Beseler 8177 timer help". If you go to
    his page you will see a flurry of action and read it. He stated at some point that this was kind of the acute reason but there
    were many other issues that had been festering over the past year that really drove his decision. He dos not have any
    obligation to say anything, it is just That so many enjoyed his participation
  104. Donald, thanks for the explanation:
    Lex Jenkins' contribution to this thread reflects my own view and the desire I have, expressed in many many postings on PN, to give newbies a fair shake. It seems on the above thread there was a case of oversensitivity and ruffled feathers on both sides. Perhaps more so than most PNers, I have extensive experience of lecturing and technical writing in photography – I know that the same questions come around again and again, if I were to let this annoy me, any reply which I might write would be worthless. The only time that I allow myself a sharp rebuttal, as in one recent case, is if someone who does not like what I say chooses to retaliate by telling me that I do not know what I am talking about! I simply offer advice and walk away – whether anyone takes notice or not is up to them.
    If JDM von Weinberg, facing a situation similar to the above, has reached the limits of his patience, it would probably be in the interests of his sanity if he were to take a vacation from PN – hopefully not for ever, since he appears to have very wide knowledge of classic manual cameras (somewhat less knowledge of what it is like to be a working pro). Enraging oneself about the questions of "idiots" and their "ingratitude" for advice given is extremely bad for the blood pressure and one's sense of well-being and self-esteem in general!
  105. Thank you for your input, it is good advice. The thread seems to pick up more baggage even at this late date which
    complicates things further
  106. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    I deleted the last threads that seemed to be delving into unfounded speculation concerning mental or physical well being. I think that is enough for this thread.

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