Goodbye Ilford LF FIlm?????

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by richard_ilomaki, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Hello:
    I have just heard fromn a local dealer (where I bought 50 sheets of
    FP4 that they just received they have it only spasmodically) here in
    Singaore that Ilford is discontinuing all LF silver film and
    replacing it with XP2 in sheet sizes.

    I expressed my disbelief to the dealer and he said that he was told
    this by the local Ilford rep.

    Has anyone else heard of this? I should check on the Ilford website
    and ask them but I have limited computer time for a few days.
    Thanks & cheers
  2. I don't believe it.
  3. Someone is pulling someone's leg....

    Despite a big push into digital, Ilford still make 50% of their profits from traditional materials. I can't see them shooting themselves in the foot that badly (but then again, they do still insist on handing a large part of 5x4 film sales over to Kodak by not investing in Readyload type technology.... (whoops, sorry - a pet peeve sneaked in there.... ;-) )).

  4. These posts are about as regular as the change of the seasons. Just went to the Ilford web site and nothing along these lines.

    I cannot tell you how many times I have heard complete rumor passed on as fact from these so called "company reps". There are more offerings of sheet film available from more companies than I can remember and even if Ilford were to have a stupid attack, other producers will rise to the challenge. Ignore the negative types until you read it in a press release. Then and only then should you go out and invest in a couple of freezers.

    The fact that you only purchased 50 sheets of film tells me that you felt it was a bit over the top as well. Keep the faith!
  5. The sales rep is probably trying to push slow moving, over-stocked XP2. Also, what's the market saturation of C-41 processing labs for sheet film?

    I would get suspicious, however, if I saw Ilford starting to market their own C-41 sheet film processor.

    Or maybe us state-side folks are just inherently paranoid from the behaviour of the Great Yellow Father.
  6. Hopefully, Ilford will give lots of notice if they do, but I doubt they will as I read that in fact, there has been an upsurge in traditional BW materials, especially sheet film over the last year. Still down from prior years but moving the right way.
  7. I don't think so I just purchased a box of 25 sheets of delta 100 which was supposedy discontinued last year it was fresh and just shipped to the dealer. There was only one box . he did have hp5 in stock too in Toronto.
  8. This rumor is even more doubtful because Ilford doesn't currently make XP2 in sheet form. It doesn't make much sense that they would drop their current products for a product that isn't currently offered. At least in the USA, and I think worldwide, this product was dropped from their line years ago. XP2 would be a nice film for photographers who want B+W sheet film but don't want to do their own developing -- any lab that does C-41 developing of sheets could be used.
  9. Supports what I heard from the angle that appeared over my bed this morning
    with a direct communication about the same from our father. Apparently it's
    ordained! Ok, so it's not suppose to happen for another 150 years, but it's still
    true; Except for the XP2 part. The new film will be a micro processor named
  10. Everybody's got an angle...
  11. cxc


    Here in the US it is spelled 'ankle', and everybody actually has too.
  12. Wayne... was the angle right? Maybe it's obtuse of me to write acute answer.
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  13. i don't have so much an angle... s'more like a 10-15 degree list to port.


  14. finegers not werking correctley. Must get clayed.
  15. I just ordered and received a box of 6X9 HP5 from Calumet. It was fresh dated with over a year to go before expiration. I would think if Ilford is going to discontinue sheet film, they would have started with this little used size (in comparison to 4X5) a long time ago.

    Glad they still make it!!

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