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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by zpeckler, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Hello everybody,
    I'm wondering if any of you could recommend a camera shop in San
    Francisco (or the rest of the Bay Area) that has a good selection of
    used goods at reasonable prices. I'm specifically looking at medium
    and large format equipment.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Zac Peckler
  2. No such animal. Calumet doesn't have any used gear right now, Gasser's is overpriced and Discount Camera, well let's just say that their name is a misnomer. None of the stores in SF have ever sold a lot of used gear in my experience and since the advent of ebay, the pickings are even slimmer.
  3. I like Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto. They don't have too much used MF and LF (some though), and a large selection of 35mm. They're quite reasonable in my experience and good to deal with.

    I left the Bay area in September, but they were still selling lots of used stuff when I left.

  4. What William said.
  5. The only place I've seen with much selection is Camera West, in Monterey. So if you're willing to drive lik 2.5 hours they're not so bad :)

    Prices aren't great, but selection is good.

  6. Yes, I'm afraid what William said is all too true. I get all my classic stuff either through
    photography forums like this or on That Auction Site -- same with all my MF gear. I do like
    Gasser's though... they are a bit expensive but they're convenient for me and sometimes my
    time is worth the extra price.
  7. Zac: My last two visits to Orange were timed just right for the monthly gathering of used camera dealers at the Sequoia facility. I understand you are in San Francisco. These gatherings of used camera sellers & buyers probably occur in your area as well. They have it all.
  8. Check out ICamera on Franklin in oakland, they have a large selection of used cameras, with some medium format (didn't notice much large format). Gassers had some stuff, but they are pretty expensive (imo). Check out the camera show listings on the site.
  9. They're not in the Bay Area, but you might want to check out Gluskin's in Stockton and both Camera Arts and Pardee's in Sacramento. All three are easily accessible with parking (not like SF) and have fairly good selections of quality, used equipment. Prices are reasonable but not rock-bottom discount (I would expect that there is some room for negotiation) and all are traditional, full-service camera stores with knowledgeable staff.

    You could call them first to check out inventories and even hit them all in a day trip with an I-80E, I-5S, I-205/580W (or reverse) loop.
  10. give ray a call at pro camera they are off 3rd st. out around 25st.
    they are mostly a rental house but have some med and large format used stuff.
    have been known to neogoiate. honest folks there that service the pro market - what is left
    of it...
  11. Try Camera Heaven on 746 Larkin (on the edge of the Tenderloin near Polk St.). It's a small
    shop owned by a young Vietnamese guy in his 20's who really wants to establish himself
    as a vintage camera dealer in the Bay Area. I found out about his shop this past summer
    when I was browsing through some auctions on ebay. The guy (David's his name) was
    listing a beater Leica double-stroke M3 for about $550, which is a decent, reasonable
    price. I looked at his listing and noticed that he was just a few blocks from where I live, so
    I walked up and checked out the camera and had a nice chat with him. His shop is very
    small, but he had a bunch of nice Leicas (all M3's) and some Dual-Range 50 Summicrons.
    He also had a row of Rolleiflexes on one of his shelves. His prices are comparable to what
    you'd find on ebay (which is much cheaper than any of the brick-and-mortar stores
    anywhere). It didn't seem like he had a lot of large format equipment, but he said he can
    try to find any kind of vintage equipment that I needed (and his stuff is legit). I bought the
    M3 from him and sent it in for an overhaul and it's become one of my favorite carry-
    anywhere cameras. You can give him a call at (415)346-5169. I'm not connected with him
    in anyway except that I've been a satisfied customer. I think the young guy could use the
    publicity, too, especially because his prices are very low compared to anywhere else you'd
    find in the city.

  12. Wow, Kevin, thanks for the tip in the T.L. Will definitely check this place out!

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