Good time for fall foliage in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Discussion in 'Travel' started by abhishek_singh|8, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    We will be flying for Upper Peninsula of Michigan for fall color + landcape photography. I am etting confused for correct time for good color. Trying to gather information, but seems some conflict in local websites.

    When Michigan's fall colors will peak in 2017
    Above website says :-
    Sept. 17 - Best week for U.P. foliage
    Sept. 24 - Best week for Charlevoix
    Oct. 1 - Best week to travel M-22

    While below website says that third week of September should be good for Upper Peninsula
    Fall colors could peak early in Wisconsin this year

    I will be flying on any weekend. If somebody can suggest me good time, it would be very helpful for me to decide and bool flights.

    Thanks n advance.

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