Good small HDMI monitor for D3 or D300?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by joseph_wisniewski, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced, moderately small LCD monitor with
    HDMI input. Something like this 7 inch XENARC, except with HDMI...

    I'm looking for a monitor for use with D3 live view in some awkward positions,
    and want something that can use the highest resolution the D3 produces from
    the HDMI port.


  2. Would color profiling be possible when using the HDMI output?
  3. Small and highest resolution are probably not compatible. I don't have an answer for you but I would have looked for professional video monitors for field use.

  4. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Video monitors is probably the way to go. But I too wonder if this monitor is mainly to aid composition, why do you need HDMI? How to power this monitor will likely be a bit of a problem too.
  5. You don't need HDMI for this use imho. A very small HD monitor will look the same to your
    eyes as a very small SD monitor for this use.
  6. I agree with Peter here, HDMI and moderately small, what is the point? At 7 inches the eye would not be able to appreciate the benefits that HDMI have to offer.
  7. Ilkka, color profiling is not possible with HDMI, nor is it necessary, because it is a small monitor in a large environment, and the eye is adapted to the environment, not the monitor. Adjustment of white point may be, depending on the monitor. That should be done to attempt to make the monitor "color neutral", in short, what it is outputing should mimic the photographed scene.

    Peter, the highest resolution is not necessary. The D3 and D300 liveview on HDMI is 640p, 640x480, and there are lots of little 640x480 LCD monitors. It's a nice resolution for DVD playing. The little XENARC I mentioned is a 640x800 monitor, but will do 640x480 at the proper aspect ratio, with black bars on the sides, in VGA mode.

    Shun, Peter, and Todd, I'm guessing none of you have actually tried this, and are working from assumptions, correct?

    "A very small HD monitor will look the same to your eyes as a very small SD monitor for this use". No, it won't. The D3 and D300 have two video outputs, composite NTCS and HDMI. Using the composite NTSC gives you all the color transformations you'd expect from NTSC, while the HDMI has RGB component color. So, even from a distance, it will look considerably different.

    As far as the 7 inch issue, that's a 3.5x5.25 display. At 640 (HDMI), that's 120dpi, at 320 (composit) it's 60dpi. If you've never used a D3, the difference, as far as being able to judge focus, is quite noticeable even on the 3 inch screen on the camera, let alone a 7 inch screen.

    Should have known better than to ask here.
  8. Small LCD TVs most likely will not have enough LCD pixels to display all HDMI can provide, even if the LCD TV provides HDMI input and is advertised as such (!).

    You need to know for sure.

    My example, I got Sony Bravia 20" multisystem LCD TV with HDMI input, but mostly I got it to playback PAL and SECAM videos without any fuss. The TV was advertizes as HDMI compliant, but has only 640 x 480 pixels. That is, the TV accepts the full quality HDMI signal and converted to 640 x 480, and that all it can do.

    As long as you understand edvertising, and your expectations match that ? - I was a bit disapointed with my HDMI comliant LCD TV... read the small text, and get TV from a reputable dealer.
  9. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Joseph, sorry that I don't have the answer to your original question, but your request is a bit unusual so that I was trying to figure out what you are trying to achieve. I believe I have used a D3 before, and I have also connected it to my home (relatively small) 40" TV via an HDMI cable, but I have never used live view for the purpose of focusing a macro shot.
  10. Frank, if your TV were 7 inches (maybe 8) it would be perfect for what I need. I only need 480p. I do agree, the way those TV folk advertise is pure rotten.

    Shun, yup, unusual, that's me, so I guess it carries through to my questions ;) There are two uses for the HDMI port on the D3, live view and viewing on a big TV. I've used the D3 live view with our Canon projector before. It has digital DVI inputs, and a bog standard HDMI to DVD adapter gets it up and running, which makes it really fun for macro classes and demos.

    But what I want right now is a device for focusing and composing in the field, instead od crawling around in the dirt (someone put most of the really cool macro subjects really close to the ground). Since the D3 and D300 don't have tilt-out screens, the requirements are simple. It should look good enough so that it's not frustrating to use as a composition and focusing tool. It should be small and light enough so that I can either put a bracket for it in the camera's hot shoe, or clamp it onto the tripod. It should be small and light enough so that it can ride in my backpack fairly easily, including a reasonable amount of battery power, and a shroud for bright days.

    The XENARC meets all my criteria, and I've used them before and know how they do in different lighting conditions, but it's not HDMI, and it really looks bad on NTSC. I've tried a small LCD VGA with an HDMI to analog VGA converter, but the converter was larger, more expensive, and drew more electrical power than the darn display. If there were a small, cheap, low power consumption HDMI 480p to VGA converter, I'd be in...
  11. Joseph, HDMI (hi-def multimedia interface) is a patented/tradmarked/secured part of an evolving copy protection scheme implemented by electronics manufactures. It quickly replaced DVI as a means to secure hi-def video from being copied. As such there are royalties fees and non-disclosure agreements associated with any/all HDMI scenarios. That means more money, something that is generally thought contra to small displays that aren't likely to display the advantages of hi-def video anyway.
  12. Oxide, there are "raw" 7 inch monitors on the market already, so the "aren't likely" scenario is totally wrong. I could get one, build an enclosure and power supply, but I don't want to put $500 of my time into this. I just want to buy a $250 monitor, bend up a bracket, plug it in, and go.
  13. ShunCheung

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  14. Yes, Shun, I'm familiar with that thread.

    No one had any actual answers, but at least a crowd didn't gather to tell me why I didn't want what I want, that it can't be done, or come up with anything as baseless as Oxide Blu.

    $10 common HDMI to DVI adapter.

    $130 ALR-1400 DVI to LVDS LCD controller with inverter power supply.

    $220 NEC 6.5 inch 640x480 LVDS interface LCD panel.

    Add an enclosure and power supply and the "patented/tradmarked/secured part of an evolving copy protection scheme" is up and running.
  15. Hi Joseph,
    I had just posted a similar query and was directed to an Ikan portable monitor (LCD) with HDMI. High-end ($$$) HD video monitors are always going to be the best. And I'm with you. I've tried several 640x480 monitors and they look like crap. I'm curretly using a little 12" ViewSonic TV with HDMI which looks LOVELY. At the moment, I'm attempting to make it portable. I'll let ya know. Question: Using HDMI out blacks out (for some stupid reason) the LCD on a D300. Same on a D3? D3x?
  16. Hi Paul...I'm a newbie here.
    I was trying to locate the 12" viewsonic you were referencing and the closest I could come up with was the 15":
    that had hdmi. Is this the one or do you have a link for a smaller one?
    I hope you'll let me butt-in. Very interested in this discussion.
  17. Hi Joseph and Paul,
    I did a little digging and perhaps I found something...a 13" ac/dc hdtv supersonic SC-1330 with these specs:
    • Television aspect ratio is 1280 x 800
    • Brightness: 200cd/m2
    • Contrast ratio: 350:1
    • Response time: 16ms
    • Support color: 262k
    • HDTV 1081i / 720p / 576p / 480p
    • HDMI input
    • Measures 12 7/8 inches long x 2.5 inches deep x 10 3/8 inches high
    the only downside is that it has a built-in dvd player that adds weight, costs only $300 w/ shipping.
    The monitor only version of this is: Supersonic SC-1308 13.3" LCD ANALOG HDTV
    But so far, no one offers info on it other than it has the same 1280X800 resolution. I'm hoping to get response back if it's got HDMI and is AC/DC, this model costs only $175 with shipping.
    Am I on the right track here or out to lunch?
  18. hello mate, not sure where you're based but i do believe that you can get a 7 inch hdmi monitor for about £200 (or $330???) in the UK from a company called The direct link should be according to the specs it supports 1080p resolutions which sounds pretty useful! i'd guess they'd ship overseas but i dont know. I have placed an order for mine, hopefully arriving early this year. i'll report back on when i get it.

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