Good sepia filter plugin for Photoshop

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michael_dougherty|2, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Looking for a sepia tone filter plugin for Photoshop. Anyone have a
    good experience with a particular sepia plugin?
  2. what can't you do directly in Photoshop?
    or try using Duotones
  3. Good filter?

    3 method. easy to do. with the best photoshop plugin...photoshop itself : )

    1_color balance in color mode. play with the hue and the saturation
    2_empty layer / color mode / apply the color you want on that layer
    3_mode change / duotone / 2 color set / apply the color you want on top / black as the
    second color.
  4. Pat,

    I like the effect from the 3rd (duotone) method. However, I open the TIFF file, apply the sepia tone, but I can't save the file as a TIFF file. What do I need to do.
  5. simply change the IMage mode back to RGB colors....
  6. I want to thank Patrick for pointing out again and again that, as he says, the best plug-in is Photoshop itself. With the exception of noise reduction, many plug-ins really are superfluous, and often they offer less control that is available in PS itself. A better investment for the same money would be a good PS how-to book such as Martin Evening's.
  7. Hi - There should be a Sepia action pre-loaded in PS. IMO, the sepia actions are usually too heavy and muddy, just overlaying everything with a ruddy brown color.
    Russell Brown and Greg Gorman have posted free photoshop tutorials for converting color to toned B&W. Russell Brown offers a stand-alone Action; Gorman includes instructions for recording your own.
    Both techniques produce very good results, and can be combined with other B&W conversion techniques, e.g, Caponigro's method. Once you try this approach, it's hard to go back to basic PS sepia.
  8. Try using a photo filter adjustment layer on a B&W image.
  9. Thanks to all for the answers and to Patrick for his 3 options. Number 3 works great for my purpose.

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