Good processing in Firenze (Florence), Italy?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by jeremy_rixon, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. After two weeks in Firenze, I'm displeased with my "choose a lab at
    random" approach to photo processing. I'm here for a few months so
    I'd like to find a good one.

    Does anyone know of a good lab in Firenze? C41 or E6.

    If I get some suggestions I'll try 'em out and post a summary of
    results. (If anyone wants that!)
  2. Well I found a place I'm happy with. And my very fussy friend is also happy with his prints.

    It's called Sky Photographic and you can read all about it here:

    The guy I spoke to speaks very good english which is a bonus for me (despite a month of studying italian I can't speak it yet :)
  3. I'll second the recommendation of Sky photo. The owner is extremely pleasant, speaks
    excellent English, and was extraordinarily patient with an outrageously demanding American
    (I'm one, too) while I was there. The five rolls I had processed were very promptly completed
    (under 6 hours) and look like they were very well done. He has light tables in the shop with a
    good loupe that you can use to examine them. Take the 23 bus from the back of the Duomo
    and get off just after you cross the river.

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