Good Place to shoot Lake Portchartrain Bridge

Discussion in 'Travel' started by masaaki_watase, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. <p>I am going to visit New Orleans area at the end of Feb. I am wondering about the best
    place to take a good shot of Lake Pontchartrain bridge. I know the best shot would
    be from the above flying over the bridge, but any good place to shoot from&
    nbsp;the ground level also? If anyone has any idea,, please advise. Than
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    It has been a long time since I was last in Louisiana, but my recollection about the bridge is that is is very flat and of course very long (like 50 miles?). I wouldn't suspect that you will get an overly exciting image except from the air. I hope I'm wrong, but that's what I recall.
  3. recollection about the bridge is that is is very flat and of course very long (like 50 miles?)...​
    The Causeway is a shade under 24 miles long (seems like 50 sometimes LOL).
  4. I would try it from along the levee at the southeast end of the bridge. There are a couple parks there as well. You may want to try getting to one of the higher floors in the Metairie Marriott. It's 16 stories and at the south end if the bridge. Maybe they have a restaurant or conference room up top. Or, fake car trouble and stop on the bridge. Of course, that is more dangerous and probably would get you a ticket. At least. I've taken some from the car while driving. I think one only appreciates those if one has experienced the agony of driving across it.
  5. Thank you for all for the suggestions.
    It is true that the bridge is way too long to shoot it all. I was just wondering if there is any location, by any chance, to take a glimpse of how long the bridge is.....
    I will try the southeast end of the bridge, as Andrew sugegsted.
    Agian, thank you so much!
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    Thanks Vincent. I haven't been on it for 17 years. Guess it grows longer with time.
  7. I have been across it once, it is like an inland ocean.

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