Good place to mail film for processing that won't cost an arm and a leg

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  1. I have looked on line for a place I can get decent prints done for a fair price. I found one I liked -- The Darkroom -- until I saw they want $10 for a CD with your photos PLUS $5 more
    for 4X6 prints. I ordered a mailer anyway but I'm still looking. I'd like to hear from members of this forum on this subject. I've been away from film photography long enough to be
    considered a rookie, especially in this particular area. I realize there are varying degrees of labs in terms of quality and I'm aware of the trade-offs. So actually any reply would be welcome
    because there will be times when I want excellent quality prints and other times when I'm just trying new techniques and don't need high quality. I used Snapfish at one time, Clarks for a
    while. Didn't particularly like the quality of Clarks but the wife did. The kind of service I'd want is an on line site that I could see my photos before they arrive in the mail and the option of
    uploading them to Facebook from their site. Having them on CD would be a plus. But I think consistent quality at a reasonable price is my prime desire. I'm not one to pay that extra 50%
    for 5% increase in quality. That being said however I'd still like to hear from users. Thanks ahead of time.
  2. Everyone says to try Target. They'll develop for a buck. Prints are always going to be expensive compared to develop and scan only, but, if you get your film scanned onto a CD you can get prints made anywhere online. AdoramaPix does nice work and I think they were charging nineteen cents for a 4x6. The key thing in all that is the cost of shipping. You're better off working with someone local, usually, but if shipping figures into the equation, cheap goes out the door.
    It's like the old paradigm - you can have it fast, cheap, or well done. Pick any two.
  3. If you have one locally, Costco.
  4. Thanks guys. Unfortunately I live out in the sticks. The nearest Costco or Target is an hour away. But you two have me thinking, maybe one of the pharmacies nearby. There's a CVC about 20 minutes from here.
  5. The two rolls of film I took to Target had a roller crease down the entire length of both rolls on a "develop only" order. Walgreen's had the machine running and no one around after 5 minutes of waiting. Costco processed quickly but the fine scratches suggested dirty equipment or freshly added sand to to the film load opening of the processor. gets good reports.
  6. walmart send out takes several days
    but is done by Dwaynes or Fuji.
    and the price for d&p for a 24 roll of c-41 is about $7.00.
    if there is a lab or warehouse store nearby try it first.
    I do not know of any drugstore chains still processing film.
    I am in a rural area as well. there are target stores 30 miles away/.
    or should I say " $16.00 worth of gasoline away.
    This is a growing concern for most of us.
    Maybe a higher priced mail order lab would be less expensive.
    Walmart works at 8 miles away when we get food and prescriptions.
    You know for big items walmart will let you order on-line and pick up locally no shipping charges.
  7. I went to Walmart for a few things tonight and while I was there looked in the photography department and I was pleased with the price of Fuji film. I also looked at their developing packages and decided what the heck, I'll give them a shot. Prices are very reasonable and the package options are good and it's only 20 minutes away, give or take 3 minutes. This first roll is to test the camera I got from the thrift store anyway. I'll report back with the results.
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    If you are shooting reversal film (transparencies) Denver Digital Imaging does a nice job. They have free postage mailers that they will send you so you do not have to pay postage when shipping to them. There is a handling fee of $5 per order but you can stuff quite a lot of film into their mailers. I use them mostly for 120 and 4x5 E6 development. No one in my city will do 4x5 anymore. The prices are:
    120: 6.95
    4x5: 2.25
    35mm/36x: 8.50
    They are on the web as
  9. I used to use York or Clark, which are the same company using 2 marketing names. They are pretty cheap. They were one of the highest volume processors in the country with labs spread geographically all over the country. They seem to be down to one location now in Maryland. Instead of promoting their film processing service, they are now emphasizing sale of coffee mugs and t-shirts and other worthless *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*. They will still process film, but they have removed all references of film processing from their new website unveiled recently. Here is a link to info about their processing service. Print this, fill it out, and send your film in postage paid:

    They will do a decent job of film developing and print processing. They have always done fine with my film and prints. However, lately they have NOT scanned my negatives and posted them on their website even though I paid for the service. So if you want your negatives scanned, don't count on York (Clark) to do it.
    Try your local Walgreens. Mine still does everything in 1 hour at the store.
  10. For really good reliable mail order film processing and printing/scanning, try San Francisco Photoworks. These people are professional and they CARE about their film processing customers. Here is their website.
    They are not cheap like a Costco, but they do a professional job and they treat you like a human being. Also, check out their Photoworks magazine.
  11. Okay I went to Walmart yesterday with a roll of film and they did development only for me in an hour for $3.96
    plus tax. I took it home and cut the negatives in four frame pieces and did some scans and liked them very much.
    So I guess I have what I want. I want to thank all who have contributed replies to my inquiry. I hope this thread
    helps some other beginner like myself who is wondering what to do in their part of the country as it appears it
    would depend very much on where one lives. Thanks again fellow members for your time and experience.
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    Memphis Film Lab is cheap and high quality. Great communication too. Memphis Film Lab

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