Good Photo & Large Format Workshops/ Field Trips for 2004?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by robert_hurd, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Hi, All,

    Have folks heard of some good Large Format (or at least LF-friendly)
    photography field trips/ workshops for 2004? (I am in United
    States...and would prefer a desert trip.)

    In searching, I do see some older workshop posts, but no recent ones.

  2. Chip Forelli is doing a LF workshop at Peters Valley Craft Center in August. Alas, its not a desert - - -
  3. I've been very happy with the Wisner workshops... unfortunately, his Death Valley workshop starts tomorrow and I won't be there! (I was there last year and it was excellent).
  4. While not exclusively Large Format (though many are...), nor desert/landscape, there is an annual workshop shooting at the Gladding McBean factory in Licoln, Ca (east of Sacramento). Gladding McBean is a historic factory producing architectural terracota... everything from pipes to gargoyles to garden pots. This is the longest trunning facility in the US - dating back to the 19th century. it is constantly changing since it is still operational. Workshops are 2 times per year, 3/13-14 and in October (I don't have the dates handy). You can pay for one day or go to all. Guest instructors have included Gordon Hutchings, Mark Citret, Kerik Kouklis, Ken Templeton. To see Gene's work at Gladding McBean... clicke here: Steve

    Chuck Farmer has a workshop comming up in May - Lone Pine and the Eastern Sierra. Have a look at his web site and the workshop schedule.

    I attended the Lone Pine workshop last spring and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great location, instruction, participants and presentations.
  6. cxc


    I'm going to Michael & Paula's LF workshop in Iceland at the end of July. They also do one in Monterey, CA in April.

    I can't actually recommend it, as I know nothing: I'm only going because the wife will be in Tibet, where I don't want to go, so I'll be in Iceland, where she doesn't want to go...

    My dream workshop would be ultra large, where I could get my hands on a provided 11x14 or 12x20, with darkroom, without having to set up an ultra large darkroom myself and invest several $K before even starting...
  7. Not exactly "desert" but John Sexton and Ray McSavaney are offering their "Southwest - A Sense of Place" workshop for the 20th or so consecutive year in 2004. While it isn't a large format workshop in the sense of being large format tutorial, all the participants used large format cameras when I attended and everything is pretty much geared to large format. Areas covered are Canyon de Chilly in Arizona for three days and then up to Bluff, Utah to the area surrounding Monument Valley for another three days.
  8. Ron Zimmerman and I are leading several workshops this year, including one to Zion in November that we're recommending as specifically suited to LF. (All formats are welcome at all workshops, however) I don't yet have a lot of details on my site, but you can take a look at, and ask me if you want more details. One major plus is that we'll be guided by Guy Tal, well-known Utah landscape photographer, in Zion.

    I've recently been sponsored by Ebony Camera, and will have several Ebony models at the workshops for everyone to take a look at :)

  9. View Camera is offering in Oct., a tour of Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde. I went on the same workshop 2 years ago. Steve Simmons, Kurt Giddings and Gordon Hutchings were the instructors. Very nice men and the days were full. Kurt knows the history and archeology of the area, so that helps. They arrange private tours of the areas, so it only the workshop group which is nice for picture taking.
  10. Thanks to everyone for great info!

    I will research these...and I am sure your responses will help others, too.

  11. While I've never taken a workshop with John Sexton before, I have taken one with Ray McSavaney, and I can strongly recommend Ray as an excellent workshop instructor. He is possibly one of the best B&W photographers and printers in the world. He is truly a man in touch with himself and the environment; his sensitivity is amazing.

    As an added bonus, he's had cataract's removed from his eye's in the last couple of years, so he can see again :) I'm taking a workshop from Ray in Yosemite in April, which I am very much looking forward to.

    Check out his book 'Explorations' if you can find it. Wonderful book.

    Ray also teaches a workshop with Bruce Barnbaum and Stu Levey that covers Death Valley, easten Sierra Nevada, and Owen's Valley (October this year). I think there might be some sand there somwhere :) You can find out more at

    Hope that helps!
  12. Ray McSavaney and I are scheduled to teach a workshop in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, in late September. You can view my website at for this information. You can also e-mail me through the website if you have any questions. Ray is currently working on a brochure.


  13. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the free LF workshop on the Oregon Coast with Per Valquartz in early May.
  14. I'd second Ken's praise of Ray McSavaney as a teacher and photographer. He's got to be one of the least known great photographers working today. His book "Explorations" that Ken mentions is probably the single most interesting and informative photography book I own and I own quite a few. The chapter on how he works is worth the price of the book by itself. Ray will sell the book direct for about $40, unfortunately I don't have contact information for him. He didn't have an e mail address the last time I checked, maybe someone else has his mailing address or phone number.

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