Good Nikon repair service in Hong Kong, can someone recommend one to me?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mike_petrie, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    As I've explained in the thread:

    I am having some issues which with my FM2 mirror being out of alignment which I
    would like to sort out. Does anyone know of a good repair center in Hong Kong
    that would do this kind of work? I am looking to be there for no more than 2
    weeks, so I'm after a place with a quick turnaround.

    I found Nikon's service center here:

    Can anyone recommend them, or am I better to go elsewhere?

    Once again, any help much appreciated.

  2. ShunCheung

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    I would imagine that Nikon Hong Kong should be able to fix it for you. I have been to that office but, fortunately, didn't need their service. They are located at an area called Taikoo Shing, which is actually a residental complex (high rise) on the north-eastern shore of Hong Kong Island. Just take the subway/underground and get off at the Taikoo Shing Station and walk to the City Plaza building, which is one of the commercial buildings in the residental area.
  3. The address of the official office is: Suite 1001, 10/F Cityplaza One, 1111 King's Road, Taikoo Shing.
    You can take the MTR/ underground, Honk Kong line, take off from Tai koo Station.
    You also can try the camera shop in Standly Street, Central.
  4. Thanks, Wai-chi Lai, Have you tried the shop in Standly (sp? I'm assuming it's Stanley?) st? I'm trying to find the best way to fix it (and the quickest), as I'll only be two weeks in Hong Kong. Also do you have the address or a web link for the shop? would like to get in touch with them.

    Likewise, has anyone had any experiences with the Nikon repair centre? Would like to get an idea of their turnaround too.

    Thanks for your help.

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