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  1. I was in the NYC B&H store today to get film. They are sold out of 35mm. The clerk said, "So many people are shooting film that the manufacturers can't keep up." He said they won't have 35mm film for the next six months.

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  2. Their online store is showing stock of almost all monochrome negative 35mm film - only some oddities back ordered.
  3. I just did some Internet research. The film shortage is general in the West. Film sells out faster than the manufacturers can produce it!

    I foresee getting a lot more practice on mono film, which is still easy to find.
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  4. I will just note that there are other possible explanations of film shortages that are not so optimistic.
  5. When I ordered 10 rolls of Kodak 400TX from B&H in May, the salesman told me that film sales were up and that they had customers who wanted to trade in digital cameras so they could get more film gear. I have no idea what the future holds, but film seems to be up at the moment.
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