Good macro with a small camera?

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  1. My Lovely Bride needs to take excellent quality closeup photos for her eBay vintage jewelry business. She dislikes "big cameras" and has been getting surprisingly good shots from her Nikon pocket camera, but it has become inconsistent. Being a long time advanced hobby photographer, I told her to use my Panasonic FZ200 (the "smallest" camera I have) and see what she thought of that. She loved the photos, but hated the size of the camera. So, since logic does not apply here, I said I'd work on it.

    So what I need is some recommendations for a "small" camera capable of getting consistent, high-quality macro shots. She has a good spot for taking her photos, with lots of good light. Doesn't have to be a new model, either. A super pre-owned camera would be fine.

    Any thoughts?
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    Ricoh GXR with 33mm 2.5 Macro Module is superb. They have finally been recognized for what they are and lately prices have gone up considerably. I have a variety of fine cameras and lenses, but this one remains a favorite, particularly. for food photos.
  3. A Canon G10 or similar? The macro mode apparently focusses as close as 1cm. I've only seen the results from one, and was quite impressed.

    Used ones in mint condition seem to fetch about £80.

    I own a similar-designed Nikon CP 6000P, but its macro mode is more limited.

    A couple of gratuitous shots from the Nikon: Coolpix-P6000.jpg
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