Good liberal arts colleges with good photography majors

Discussion in 'Education' started by elyse_hilton, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Any suggestions on four-year liberal arts colleges that have a solid photography major? Not art schools per se. The goal here is not to leave college able to become a professional photographer but to get a solid education and pursue a passion simultaneously.
    Some liberal arts colleges have a Studio Art major with a concentration in photography but when you look through their catalogues they only have one or two photography courses. I am looking for more depth than that.
    Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Technical photography isn't all that difficult to learn. Some of us even learn without much formal education. Study art, history or other subjects that could enhanced your understanding of the world around you. Beside system flash/lighting work, architectural shoots and maybe post processing, photography is a pretty darn easy, just get enough practice and you'll be fine...
  3. University of New Mexico has a great program and a good Art History dept. along with an incredible print and slide library

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