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  1. I’m getting ready to turn off the “Auto” and “Priority” features of
    my Minolta Maxxum 5 and go Manual (focus, aperture, shutter speed).
    I’m looking for a book to better understand exposure (aperture and
    shutter settings) and was hoping someone could point out a good book
    or two. I’ve learned about “Understanding Exposure” book on this
    site and it’s going to be update in August of this year. I’ve also
    heard about the “Negative” book by Ansel Adams, any thing else you
    can recommend?
  2. John Shaws Nature Photography Field Guide is quite good.
  3. Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure
  4. Brian Patterson's book is enlightening. It will really help you to Understand Exposure as the title indicates, and you will get a lot of pleasure to turn off the Auto setting, while practicing the many possibilities the book illustrates.
  5. The book I like best on exposure is "Perfect Exposure" by Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz. A blend between technical and common sense understanding.

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  6. Rurik,
    I'll wait for the updated version coming out in Aug.

    I'll also take your advice and order the "Perfect Exposure".

  7. Gerald Hirschfeld, et al., The hand exposure meter book, Elmsford, N.Y.: Mamiya America Corp., 2001. ISBN 0-9671523-0-5.
  8. Read chapter one of "Beyond Basic Photography" by Henry Horenstein.
  9. Dear Greywolf,

    Thanks for the mention. What we tried to do was explain the theory as well as the practice, for colour and black and white, negative and slide, without being too equipment-specific and without turning the whole thing into a series of exercises to be followed blindly. We reckon that if you understand what you're doing, it's a lot easier than if you just Do As I Say, which is the basis of depressingly many photo books.

    Of course, through-lens meters are optimized for slide, which doesn't always give the best results with negative. Software for a true negative metering system would be quite easy to superimpose on any multi-segment meter and I am very surprised that no manufacturer has yet offered such an option. It would not be perfect but it should be be more reliable for more negatives than most programs are for positives. Maybe they reckon that by the time you get into mono you wouldn't rely on automation anyway.


    Roger ( is under construction -- aren't they all? -- but it may still be worth a look.)
  10. Sorry me the english readers.
    Manuel, supongo hablas español, yo puedo leer algo el inglés pero escribirlo me es difícil.
    Estuve en tu situación hace un año. Dos libros me han ayudado muchísimo: Understandig exposure de Bryan Peterson y John Shaw's Nature Photography. Y creo que ese es el orden para leerlos. También compré otros libros de J. Shaw , Lee Frost, pero los dos primeros nunca te arrepentirás de comprarlos. El de Perfect Exposure no lo he leido pero parece por las referencias respetable.
    También hay sitios en Internet donde hay tutoriales que pueden reforzar algunos puntos no bien comprendidos, como los de este site o el de Photozone. Además artículos sueltos en otros lugares muy buenos.
  11. Dear Miguel,

    La Esposicion Perfecta es en Espanol: Ediciones Omega SA, Barcelona, 2000, ISBN 84-282-1217-1


  12. "The Confused Photographer's Guide to On-Camera Spot Metering" by Bahman Farzad
    is a superb introduction to how meters really work and how to compensate for them.

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