Good Developers in N.Y. (need reference for pro lab in NYC)

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by max_zanardi|1, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. hi everybody.

    I have exposed some color and black and white films , both 35 and 120 mm, and i am looking for a good,
    professional, developer shop in New York , since i am native italian and i am new in town.

    Thank you very much.

  2. ModernAge --
    Duggal --
    Baboo -- see
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  3. thank you Henry!

  4. CRC isn't bad.
  5. MV is the best b/w. LTI and Lexington are also good.
  6. MV are good and pricey.
    LTI only develop with Rodinal.
    Manhattan Color Lab are cheapest (5th and 20th) - they only develop with Tmax.
  7. Where's "MV," and for what do the letters stand?
  8. I had very good results from MV Labs with b/w processing.
  9. "MV" stands for Megargee and van der Linde; this is indeed one of the best black and white labs in the world. Jim Megaree is one of the best printers you will ever find. Consequently, they are a bit pricey- but worth it. I don't think they do color work, though. Take a look here:
    I have used CRC for several years, and am very happy with their work- they'd get my vote for most stuff. A word of caution about Baboo- they lost my film twice (!) and damaged negatives or slides on four separate occasions. I don't know what possessed me to keep giving them chances. This was several years ago, but I'll never go back.
  10. Hey Max
    give CRC a try i used them when i was going to FIT over the summer and film turned out good, plus they give discounts if you ask for it. i used to process c41 120 and get 4.5 meg scans for 13 bucks
    they're at 20 w22

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