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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by yog_sothoth, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. So, with a Contax camera and primes, I am finding it difficult to find a camera bag that is well suited for small
    lenses. The bags all seem to be deep for the zooms which are so popular today, which means a lot of space is
    wasted. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bag for a 35mm slr and five small primes?
  2. I consider my wife a pretty good old bag. She's not available though. Unless she reads this.
  3. Stephen,

    How about a good vest. Their pockets are about right for smaller lenses...

    Gene.. .. LOL...!!!
  4. Domke F-803. Two bodies and 4-6 small primes, easily (get the two-compartment insert). Daily, all day long, for
    weeks when I travel. Flat, comfortable, inconspicuous. At least give it a thought. :)
  5. I like to use a small Timbuk2 messenger bag. I keep my lenses in individual cases and I have a Zing neoprene 'bag' for my camera.
  6. Domke, Tenba, Tamrac, etc. small bags for a single camera and a couple of small lenses are widely available both
    from stores like B&H and on eBay.

    I'm still searching for the perfect bag, however, and if Gene's wife does see
    that post, perhaps I'll have a go there.

    Since they periodically bring out "new models", there are even "new old
    stock" bags being sold by B&H (as I know, and probably others too) as "used". I got a lovely midsized
    Tamrac bag for practically nothing on eBay, and its only flaw was that it had loops for 35mm film canisters
    instead of for flash cards.

    The vest solution is good too, except look for _fisherman's_ vests; they sell for a fraction for the same vest
    sold as a "photographer" vest. Go check them out at a big store sportsman shop.
  7. Some of the smaller Billingham bags are perfect for small RF outfits; alas, cheap they are not.

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