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  1. I am thinking about purchasing some equipment from Sherry Krauter's Golden Touch. If an item is rated a "9", what condition can I expect? Thanks.
  2. Hi James,
    Sherry is the standard by which many others are measured by.
  3. I bought a 35 Elmarit R from Sherry. 9 means it shows a little wear, but mechanically and optically perfect. Not cheap, but she stands behind everything she sells. When I have $$ to buy Leica goodies, I check her used web site first knowing I can buy from her without any problem.
  4. she's the best of the best --- i would use no one else to care for my leica's --
  5. About 6 years ago I bought a cosmetically ugly M4-2 from her and it's been very reliable through numerous rolls of film and many hard travels.
  6. Nothing but good reports about her, never heard a bad word, ever.
  7. Excellent repair person. Stands behind her work. She takes care of my Leica equipment.
  8. You are in loving hands. . .
  9. I am awaiting the return of an M6 TTL from Sherry that she said was finished. She was a pleasure to work with as she is funny, witty, and knows her stuff.
  10. I've had nothing but good from her, a gem..

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