GOLD FIBER SILK (Simply Elegant vs Ilford versions)

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by terrykelly, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. My favorite paper has been Ilford Gold Fiber Silk for a LOOONG has had availability issues on and off over the years and seems again to be unavailable (in US). I asked one of the biggest vendors if that was due to Covid in Britain and they guessed that was the problem.

    I have just ordered Simply Elegant (brand) Gold Fiber from IT-Supply, which has long had best price for inkjet papers and competitive prices for Canon and Epson pigments (I abandoned Epson printers decades ago, but that's another story).

    Simply Elegant claims Simply Elegant Gold Fiber is identical to Ilford's product.

    I'm hoping for the same warm tone paper (not the same as warm pigment tone) and the same very fine "luster" surface...which is more noticeably faintly textured than Canon's otherwise excellent Luster surface and is dead neutral.

    I suspect both papers are made/packaged at the same European factory but passing through Britain may have become a Covid issue.

    Will report back when I've received and tested.

    What's your experience with Simply Elegant?

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