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  1. kik


    I'm going to paris in a few days... Do you have sugestions for places to see and buy (second
    hand and new) Leica related stuff... Also current exbitions, photography in general, etc...
    Thank you.
  2. Paris... as far as I am concerned I would just enjoy the food, vine, museums, arts and take of cours a ton of pictures. That is deffinitelly a place that photographers love. As far as equipment goes... I'd prepare mayself here (get what I need) and simply enjoy the trip over there.
  3. Francisco, the place to buy camera gear is Blvd Beaumarchais near Bastille. Don't expect any bargains though.
    Buy a copy of Pariscope when you arrive. This is an excellent listing magazine that will have details of exhibitions etc.
    Most of all just enjoy the city.
    From 2003...
    <img src="http://www.leica-camera.com/discus_e/messages/11/205494.jpg">
  4. Nice photo, Steve

    what lens, film?

  5. <img src="http://www.getdown.org/ben/gallery_albums/2005-Paris/001_00E.thumb.jpg">
  6. <img src="http://www.getdown.org/ben/gallery_albums/2005-Paris/008_017.thumb.jpg">
  7. <img src="http://www.getdown.org/ben/gallery_albums/2005-Paris/
  8. <img src="http://www.getdown.org/ben/gallery_albums/2005-Paris/
    <br>She left me a month ago
  9. What's her phone number? (for my son!)
  10. Get some shots of the Labor protest and the Jihaddists riots. Paris here in Vegas is much more peaceful.
  11. Fran,-- Forget about trying to buy Leica goodies there. Concentrate on the food and photos of the bloody riots. Drink the vin ordinaire (it is from Algeria)
  12. Bob, it was the Noctilux - there are the twll tale highlights :), film was Fuji Neopan 1600.

    Jerry, I don't know how long it is since you visited France, but when I lived there from 2001-2003 I never saw Algerian wine served in a restaurant or bistro. In fact I never saw if for sale in the largest supermarkets. I think the french have enough of their own cheap wine to go around these days :). Being a cheapskate I tend to drink wine 'en pichet' and I agree that it's usually highly drinkable!
  13. Francisco: Just returned myself. Disappointed in my pictures thus far. Took only Kodak's Ultra-color film - 400. Flat, low contrast outdoors but not too bad in the museums.

    A meal suggestion, taken from Rick Steves' Paris 2006 book, page 361 in the English edition. Restaurant Perraudin, for its beef bourguignon. Family owned, very welcoming and served one of the best meals I've had in a long time. The three course menu was approximately 28 Euros. You may want to make a reservation. I showed up without one but, as I said, they were very accomodating.

    Location is near the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens at 157 rue St. Jacques. tel. is 01 45 33 15 75.
  14. Fav city.
  15. Good food.
  16. Cool cars.
  17. Loved Paris. Definitely on the expensive side but will go well with juice fasting diet...
    <img src=http://www.widereach.net/rodina/images/portfolio/paris2.jpg>
    <img src=http://www.widereach.net/rodina/images/portfolio/paris1.jpg>
  18. Ah, Paris...
  19. Paris is as expensive as you want it to be :)
    And it's not just the Eifel tower and Notre Dame.
    <img src="http://www.steveunsworth.co.uk/Albums/Paris_on_the_streets/images/02BW14005%20Indian%20festival.jpg">
  20. jtk


    Les Halles is a dangerous place, and hideous, but there's a great minilab in the RER beneath it. The only good minilab I ever dealt with, matter of fact...they somehow processed my Delta 400, pushed to 1000.
  21. Les Halles is hidious, but I wouldn't describe it as dangerous. I never saw anyone attacked there. It does contain a very busy metro/RER interchange so there are always a lot of people milling about which probably attracts pickpockets and the number of youths can intimidate some people, but as I say I never saw any violence of any kind there.

    If the minilab was the Photo Service one (or was it Photo Station?) then the excellence of your Delta developing was probably due to it not being done by them - they only did C41 and E6. In fact I once arrived a little early to collect some E6 and saw an operative walking through the shopping centre carrying the mounted film. The processing had been done at another branch. Needless to say the slides were covered in dust.

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