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    Goerz minicord twin lens pentaprism mechanical camera
    Lens: C.P.GOERZ WIEN HELGOR 1:2 F=2.5 CM
    Aperture 2 2.8 4 5.6 8 11
    Shutter 10 25 50 100 200 400 B
    Focusing range 2 3 4 5 6 8 12 25 feet INFINITY
    Focus by turning the taking lens at bottom, the viewfinder lens rotates intandem
    Real size image in viewfinder, ground glass screen, no split image finder

    Film 16mm perforated /unperforated film in Goerz twin chamber cassette
  2. Goerz minicord is the subminiature camera with second fastest lens of F1:2

    Made in Italy Gami 16 camera has fastest lens 1:1.9
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  3. I don't see any essential difference between minicord and minicord III
    Except the minicord III top hook is removable
  4. My pictures taken with minicord

    The Goerz Wien Helgor lens is quite sharp

    Goerz Minicord

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