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  1. Goerz minicord III was introduced in 1951 by Goerz Wien in Austria. Paul Wahl wrote in Subminiature Technique "This is one of the three top subminiature cameras( the other Gami 16 and Minox); it is a precision instrument of high optical and mechanical quality, capable of outstanding results">
    Goerz Minicord shutter speed control dial top
    shutter speed 10,25,50,100,200,400,B
    and depth of field curves
    Flash sync contact
  2. [​IMG]
    Goerz Wien Minocord 10072;
    counter dial, count to #42
    shutter cocking triger at bottom right
  3. [​IMG]
    Goerz Minicord twin lens reflex
    Upper lens for viewer, about F2.5
    bottom lens taking lens, aperture from f2 to 11
  4. [​IMG]
    Helgor 25mm F2 lens
  5. [​IMG]
    Twin cassette
    single cassette with double perforated 16mm film and empty single cassette
  6. The viewfinder fine ground glass screen shows life size image right side up and left right unreversed.. Focusing with the eyepiece lens barrel is quite smooth.
    Viewfinder image is clear by a little bit dim, not as crisp as KMZ Narciss SLR
    , but has one advantage over Narciss: the viewfinder is always on, no black out period.
  7. Goerz Minicord shutter test
    10 1/7
    25 1/20
    50 1/41
    100 1/70
    200 1/152
    400 1/243
  8. [​IMG]
    Goerz Minocord is the only subminiature camera with Hasselblad style removeable film back
  9. SCL


    An interesting camera. I owned one a long time ago, and it was a good performer...not a lightweight by any means, though. As I recall the one I had came in a nice pliable leather zip pouch with cutouts for the tripod chain, and a series of press on filters.
  10. Distance markings on Goerz Minicord
    The closest focusing distance of minicord is about 1 feet, however this position is unmarked
    The distance marks start with 2 feet
    2', 3', 4' 5',6,8',12',25'infinity.
    There are a total of 9 markings.
  11. First roll trial failed.
    The transport is not smooth, film bunched up
  12. Second roll
    This time without take up cassette.
    Half length of film curled up nicely, but the remaining 20 exposures still bunched up
  13. Third roll. OK
    40 exposures all goes into minicord cassette, no kinks , no folds.
  14. Martin, I had one when they were new, and never got over the crinkled film/cassette problem.
  15. Bill, the minicord transport is problematic.
  16. 4th roll ok
    Develop one roll minicord negative of unknown film from the 50s, expose at ASA 25
    Develop in 1+200 Rodinal 12 minutes, 20 degree C
    Very under exposed. However I am surprized that a film from 60 years ago, still can have some image. It seems that this film should be exposed as ASA 12
    develping time double.The result should be better
    Goerz Minicord film length about 55c Tm
  17. 5th roll Goerz Minicord film into empty Goerz Minicord cassette
    Transfered smoothly.
    Apparently the Goerz Minicord transport works only with twin minicord cassette or a pair of
    minicord casssettes, or one single Minicord in particular, the take up side must be Goerz Minocord cassette, any other
    cassette or no cassette does not work.
    Never have any film transport problem later.
  18. More on Goerz Minicord cassette
  19. [​IMG]
    Goerz Minicord, Kodak 16mm Plus X double perforated reversal film
    1+200 Rodinal 10 minutes 20 degree C
  20. [​IMG]
    Minicord, Kodak 7276 film

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